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9 Must-Haves for Fall at J. Crew

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

When the last few weeks of Summer feel more and more like fall, it’s easy to let your mind think about your new fall wardrobe. Your fall wardrobe should be versatile and perfect for transitioning to colder days. J. Crew offers all that while giving you pieces that are on trend. We collected nine fall pieces you need from J. Crew to save you time while you shop, because, who really has time for that with finals?

1. Classic White Top with a Twist

Image courtesy of J. Crew

This shirt is a perfect day to night piece. It’s business on the top and party on the bottom. Since the shirt is white you can pair it with any color bottom or accessory, giving you nearly endless possibilities. For day looks I would wear an outfit like the models, with a pair of good mom jeans with either booties or sneakers. For night looks this shirt would pair nicely with a leather skirt and tights.

2. One-Shoulder Top

Image courtesy of J. Crew

If you haven’t heard, gingham. Is. In. This one shoulder top with ruffles along the neckline is super flattering and will prevent you from looking like you have your grandma’s picnic tablecloth on. Since gingham is typically black and white, it’s easy to pair with any color bottom of accessory.

3. Utility Jacket

Image courtesy of J. Crew

This piece is for the days when you would much rather wear your high school track sweatshirt and leggings you totally did not (did) wear all last week. This utility jacket can spice up any outfit while keeping your comfortable. As the colder days approach this piece will be perfect for layering, so keep it close for those classes that are still air conditioned.

4. Leather Skirt

Image courtesy of J. Crew

This skirt is another classic with a twist. Leather skirts are turning into a basic necessity for most girls wardrobes. The pleats in this leather skirt will make you stand out while still being a versatile piece. Dress it up for night or down for class, this skirt can be worn with or without tights. Whatever way you wear it the skirt will make a statement.

5. Silk Scarf

Image courtesy of J. Crew

Neck scarfs have to be the perfect accessory. They spice up a basic outfit so easily. Wearing a tshirt and jeans? Want to make it better? Wear a neck scarf. Boom, fashion. But seriously, these neck scarfs from J. Crew come in tons of colors and can be worn so many ways. Tie it around your bag, your head as a headband, your neck, really the possibilities are endless.

6. Ruffled Sweater

Image courtesy of J. Crew

This sweater is 1. The perfect color for this fall, 2. A basic piece done with a new approach, and 3. The best sweater to transition you into fall. Wear this sweater like the model with a camo skirt on warmer days, or distressed boyfriend jeans on colder days, or leggings when you don’t want to leave bed.

7. Statement Jumpsuit

Image courtesy of J. Crew

Jumpsuits are perfect for the fall because unlike dresses, your legs will be warm when you wear them out at night. This jumpsuit from J. Crew is the perfect fall mustard yellow (which is apparently really trendy now) and can transition from morning to night looks easily. Wear this with casual booties or sneakers at day and trade them for heels and a necklace for night.

8. Sleek Rain Boots

Image courtesy of J. Crew

During the fall you don’t want to immediately break out the knee high boots because the weather could change any minute and you don’t want to overheat. These rain boots will protect you from the rain while keeping you cool and stylish. The chelsea fit is a classic that can be worn from the most basic to dressy outfits.

9. Cape Scarf

Image courtesy of J. Crew

We’re going to throw you one more layering piece because this one is just too good to leave out. Ever considering wearing a blanket to class? Honestly, same. This cape scarf allows you to literally wear a blanket in public while somehow looking fashionable as you do so. This piece has arm holes so the scarf will stay on while keeping nice and warm during the process.

Her Campus Drexel contributor.