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8 Thoughts You Have When Shopping at Trader Joe’s

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

If you live on or near Drexel’s campus, chances are you’ve probably shopped at Trader Joe’s. It’s bigger than Fresh Grocer and cheaper than Whole Foods. Whether you’ve been there twice or go every week, we’d like to take you through the stages of shopping at Trader Joe’s.

1. Why is the front entrance in what looks like the back of the building? Feels sketchy.

2. The only real reason I came: free samples. Remind me to stop by this section again before I leave.

3. How am I possibly supposed to choose what I want when I’m being offered every cheese in existence? Not complaining, but please send help before I leave with four different kinds.

4. Why is everything here gluten free? I like gluten. Bring on the gluten. Why am I paying more for my food to have one less ingredient?

5. Sometimes Trader Joe’s gets it right, and sometimes they get it very, very wrong. Does anyone actually want to drink carrots?

6. Ah, the “Line Ends Here” sign, shining in the light like a beacon of hope.

7. Shouldn’t have come on a Sunday. At least the line is moving fast.

8. Bye, Trader Joe’s! See you next time (probably in a few days when I realize I’ve forgotten to buy what I came there for in the first place.)

Her Campus Drexel contributor.