8 Resolutions & How to (Actually) Achieve Them

It’s that time of the year again - 365 days have come and gone. Now's the time for a new year and new beginnings. We find ourselves thinking about what we want to accomplish in 2017, but as we look at our resolutions they seem quite similar to last year's goals that we never completed. We all know the stereotypical things that go on our list: lose weight, travel, save money and more, but by January 2nd most of us have already fallen off the wagon with no intention of getting back on. So, this year we need to find new ways to get motivated for old resolutions, here's how!

1. Start a healthier lifestyle

Focus on fitness and set small goals for yourself this year. Working towards fitness goals can be challenging. It takes about six weeks to notice changes and scales can be misleading. However, 2017 is the year to stop focusing on the numbers and realize how easy it is to push yourself. Set smaller milestones and reward yourself for reaching them. For instance, set a target distance to run and reward yourself with a book you’ve been aiming to buy for a long time. Also, you can’t see results without a healthy diet. Restrict how much you eat out and make your meals at home instead. Your wallet and body will thank you.


2. Lose the stress  

With a new year of school, co-op, graduation and job searches coming up, there is bound to be a lot of moments when the pressure gets to you. As college students, we can’t just plan a spa getaway or jet-set to the Caribbean to destress. However, there are other ways to relieve the stress as a student. Make yourself a cup of tea, meditate for five minutes or play your favorite music. There are so many ways to calm yourself down without having to break your piggy bank, it’s just a matter of reminding yourself that.


3. Save money

The bleakness of our bank accounts is one of our least favorite things. This new year is the time to ease the money-related anxiety. Start some habits to keep your balance in check this year. Set up your bank account to send a certain amount of money to your savings each time you swipe your debit card. Keep a jar for the change that you usually just toss into a tip jar. You will be shocked at how much money you will have saved in just a few months. And finally, prioritize your spending. Shop sales only when you need to buy something. Spending $5 on a $20 sweater that you don’t need does not save you $15; it loses you $15.


4. Get organized

Life works more efficiently when everything is done at the right time. Keep a planner like the Vera Bradley 2017 Student Agenda for writing to-do lists and prioritizing to stop procrastinating. Keep your room and desk space organized by decluttering and assigning a proper place for all your belongings. These small steps will keep your schoolwork, extracurricular activities, social life and job searches in line.


5. Expand your knowledge

Whether it be a foreign language or a virtue you want to embody, the best advice for learning something new is to give yourself time and pick something you will enjoy. And what a better time to learn something new than the new year? If you’re trying to learn a language, pick a show primarily in that language and you will no doubt start picking up words. It's especially rewarding when you slowly begin to understand what they are saying. For example, if you’re teaching yourself Spanish watch Narcos on Netflix.


6. Travel more

Your travel destination goals may be Bermuda or Iceland, but until your budget can get you there, find some realistic destinations. Take day trips to nearby cities such as DC or New York City and go farther on long weekend trips. If you go to your dream destination, find bargains for flights and housing so you can put your money elsewhere. Travel to destinations that are off the beaten path and think outside the box: volunteer or work abroad. Just take any opportunity you get this year.


7. Quit your old habits

A lot of people try to put an end to bad habits like excessive partying around the new year, but old habits die hard. Set small goals and celebrate the little milestones. Buy yourself something after a week of no cigarettes or nail biting. Go on this journey with a friend and help each other completely rid yourselves of the habit. Remember how much more fun activities were when you didn’t leave for smoke breaks. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that you quit a bad habit for good.


8. Dedicate time for family

This is a tough one, especially if you go to college miles away from home. It’s easy to forget to keep in touch with so much going on at school, but family is important. Choose days to call a family member each week. Technology has come far enough that you can see family even if you’re nowhere near each other. FaceTime on special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Plus, try to travel home for long weekends or holidays.


One more resolution for the new year: be a boss. Any goals or resolutions we set for the upcoming year are just steps towards becoming the #girlboss that we know we can be. So, let’s get ready to kick some butt in 2017.

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