8 Philly-Inspired Halloween Costumes On a Budget

Halloween is almost here and if you haven’t picked out your costume, now is the time! There are endless options from couples’ costumes to group costumes to the downright basic (can you say black cat?). However, if you want to bring some originality to the table, keep reading. Philadelphia is full of many things that make the city unique. So, why not draw inspiration from the City of Brotherly Love for the spookiest day of the year? Bonus: The items for these costumes are probably in your closet already and even if they aren’t, they are items that you can wear again.

1. Phillies Player

Philadelphia’s beloved major league baseball team stands out with their signature striped uniform. Even though they’re not known for winning, you’ll be winning this Halloween. This simple look will make you the MVP no matter where you end up this holiday.

What you need: Red T-shirt, blue jeans, red sneakers, face paint, hair paint

2. Phillie Phanatic

You may be dressed as a green mascot, but your friends will be green with envy for not thinking of this first. Everyone loves Phillie Phanatic!

What you need: DIY mask, green slippers, green sweat pants, green sweatshirt, oversized Phillies shirt


3. Flyers Player

You may not be on the ice, but you’ll look super cool as you glide into your friend’s Halloween party dressed as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers.

What you need: Orange oversized shirt, black shorts, hockey stick, large gloves, orange and white striped socks


4. Rocky

You don’t have to watch any of the movies or be a workout enthusiast to look like a knock out dressed as Rocky. You won’t even have to break a sweat.

What you need: Grey sweatshirt, grey sweat pants, sneakers, headband


5. Ben Franklin

Be a founding father. A brown coat and grey wig can take you a long way toward looking like one of America’s most beloved icons. Add a pair of square frames to your look and you’re good to go. Plus, you might reuse some of these items for co-op.

What you need: Powdered wig, waistcoat, stockings, black shorts, white collared shirt, oxfords


6. Quaker

It’s time to be a friend of William Penn. Give a nod to both Philadelphia’s history and the UPenn mascot as a peace-loving Quaker.

What you need: Long black skirt, black sweatshirt, white collared shirt, white apron, white scarf, black flats


7. Fresh Prince

After all, we are right next door to West Philadelphia even though we weren’t all born and raised. However, on Halloween you can sing along to the theme song in this ensemble!

What you need: Brightly colored T-shirt, oversized shorts, large sneakers, baseball cap


8. Kevin Hart

The comedian is quite vocal about his love for his home city and you can show Philly love too by dressing as one of its most iconic citizens from today’s pop culture.

What you need: Black T-shirt or sweatshirt, baggy jeans, gold necklace, black sneakers

Your Halloween costume does not have to break the bank in order to embody the spirit of Philadelphia. These are just a few ways you can win this Halloween even on a student budget. Plus, your costume won’t go to waste on November 1st!

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