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8 Moments Ross Geller was the Worst Character on Friends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

A few weeks ago, Buzzfeed released their latest article on why Ross Geller is the least likeable character on the 90s hit show Friends, but we thought they missed a few. So, to complete the list, we’ve compiled the rest of the times Ross Geller was actually the worst.

1. When he revealed he doesn’t like ice cream.

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Not that there’s anything wrong with disliking certain foods, but his reason was that ice cream is too cold. Like, what?

2. That episode he forced everyone to listen to his “music.”

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Not only was Ross’ music just a randomized amalgam of various pre-recorded sounds on his keyboard, but it also was the reason Phoebe quit singing for a few weeks, something she obviously loved to do. Not to mention, Ross clearly couldn’t read the room when playing his music and undeservedly became extremely big-headed about his “talent.”

3. The bagpipes.

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How could Ross have thought that his sister Monica, who plans every little detail of her life, would possibly want a surprise like bagpipes at her wedding? Ross clearly was just planning on being the center of attention at the ceremony, even if he was only able to achieve that through some truly awful bagpipe playing.

4. He tried to control what his girlfriend wore on her spring break.

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Ross, jealous as ever, didn’t want his college-age girlfriend Elizabeth going on spring break in the first place, but he completely lost it when he saw the bikini she was going to wear. He was so sure her choice of swimsuit meant she was planning on cheating on him while she was away, when those things have no correlation to each other.

5. He shamed Rachel and made her feel embarrassed when she asked out a guy for the first time.

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This was a big moment in Rachel’s life, and Ross, still bitter over their breakup, took away any and all confidence she had about a woman being the one to ask out a man (something that there should never be any shame in.)

6. He tried to make the moves on his cousin just because she was being nice to him.

Image courtesy of TBS

Hmm, it’s almost like she was treating him like family for a reason—maybe because they were actual blood relatives who had known each other since childhood! This had to be the one of the grossest moments in Friends history.

7. He broke into his ex’s apartment to steal a shirt back that he told her she could have.

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It’s undeniable that Ross put his girlfriend Mona through a rollercoaster of emotions, what with lying about Rachel’s pregnancy and about wanting to move in with her, which Mona dealt way more patiently and maturely than anyone should have to. After she finally reached her breaking point and ended things, Ross still managed to find ways to mess with her life when he broke into her apartment to steal a salmon shirt back that he initially told her she could keep.

8. He threw himself a funeral.

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He took one of Chandler’s jokes way too far by throwing himself a funeral, all just to get an ego boost about how much people would miss him. As it turned out, almost no one cared. But after reading this article, can you blame them?

Friends is a classic enjoyed by multiple generations, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its flaws, and Ross’s character has got to be one of the biggest ones! His attitude and his actions prove time and time again that he is definitely the worst character on Friends.

Her Campus Drexel contributor.