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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Formal season is right around the corner, so we here at Her Campus have compiled a list of our favorite categories of formal dresses to help you pick out just the right look! For inspiration, we looked to the amazing Instagram of DFTI Boutique, located right here in Philadelphia.

1. Classic FloralFlorals? For spring? Groundbreaking, I know. But really, you can never go wrong with a floral gown! A soft pastel like in this DFTI dress will make you look ethereal stepping into any room. When choosing your dress, however, make sure you stick with a pattern that spaces out the floral motif so the flowers don’t overwhelm your look.

2. The LBDA little black dress is always a great way to go: it’s slimming, looks good on every skin tone and is easy to accessorize with. DFTI’s take on the LBD adds the extra element of a transparent overlay to give this classic look something unique.

3. Minimalist

Sometimes less is more. Whether you want to focus your energy on statement accessories, or just prefer simplicity, a minimalist color-blocked look is the way to go.

4. Sequined and ShimmeringIf you want to command attention at your formal, consider a gown covered in sparkles—It will reflect the light and photograph beautifully. This DFTI gown is also a perfect example of how a dress can still shimmer when it’s not 100% covered in sequins, proving that you can go as subtle or as flashy as you want with this type of look!

5. Unexpected Color

Be daring with your formal look by picking a dress that’s bright in color—solids are your best bet, so that your dress doesn’t drown you. Be sure to consider the warmth or coolness of your skin tone when picking out your statement color.

6. Bombshell

Pulling off a bombshell look is really all about your confidence, but to do it right you’ll also need the perfect dress. Mesh is a girl’s best friend when it comes to looking sexy, so DFTI has chosen to do this look with just the right combination of coverage and transparency.

7. Unconventional

Who ever said you needed to wear a dress to formal? If you really want to stand out, consider rocking a jumpsuit instead. If you get a wide-legged jumpsuit that gives off the illusion of being a skirt, people will do double takes when they realize you’re not actually in a gown! A plus is that you’ll feel more comfortable throughout the night not having to worry about flashing anybody.

So, there you have it, collegiettes! If you weren’t feeling excited about shopping before, now you have at least seven new sources of inspiration for your look. We hope this list will help you find a dress (or jumpsuit) that will make you look and feel great at your formal!

Also, a huge thank you to DFTI Boutique for permission to use images from their store! If you saw a look you’re dying to have, call 267-758-6790 or e-mail the owner, Ashley, at Ashley@DFTIboutique.com, to see if it’s still available. You can also visit the store, which is only a short walk from Drexel on 20th and Chestnut.

Her Campus Drexel contributor.