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7 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long Distance Couples

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but not everyone is lucky enough to be able to spend it with their significant other IRL. It’s easy to feel left out and almost suffocated by the excessive love surrounding you on this day, so being alone can be a big bummer. Whether you’re in a long distance relationship, studying abroad or are kept apart for any other reason, you can still celebrate “together.” Here are some ways to make up for the miles between you and your SO on February 14th.

1. Skype or FaceTime

This one’s pretty obvious and easy to do—set up a time on Valentine’s Day to talk to your SO over Skype or FaceTime! Even though you can’t see them in person, at least you’ll get to see their lovely face and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day. To make things interesting, you can play 20 questions to learn something new about your SO or read a book aloud to each other.

2. Watch a movie together

Websites like Letsgaze allow you to watch a movie or video clip at the exact same time as someone else online. No more talking over the phone so that both of you perfectly time hitting play—these websites have got it all figured out for you.

3. Play board games together

Yep, this is another activity made possible thanks to the internet. There are countless websites and games available on Steam that you can use to play board games with anyone in the world—including your SO.

4. Get each other Valentine’s Day cards

A quick “Happy Valentine’s Day!” text may be easy to send, but a tangible card will be much more meaningful. Send your SO their card in the mail a few days ahead of time so they can open it on February 14th, and it will be like a piece of you is there with them. If you’re up for the challenge, opt for a handmade card instead of store-bought.

5. Send them flowersEven though you can’t give your SO flowers in person, a bouquet will still put a smile on their face. Make sure to keep this one a surprise, because it’s sure to make their reaction even better.

6. Make a mixtape together

This doesn’t have to be a literal mixtape—feel free to come up with a shared playlist on Spotify. You can do this one over text right before or on Valentine’s Day. Spotify also has a feature to make a playlist collaborative. Click here to see how you can make playlists with your SO. Coming up with songs that you both like will be a great bonding experience, and you can listen to your mix all day February 14th. Bonus—every time you hear those songs afterwards, you’ll be reminded of your SO.

7. Plan a Valentine’s Day makeup date

Lastly, if you can’t be with your SO on Valentine’s Day, you can always plan to go out at a later date. Remember, you can celebrate your relationship on the other 364 days of the year. Not only will your favorite restaurant be less crowded, but all the good Valentine’s Day candy will be on sale too!

We hope you’ve been inspired by this list, readers! Even if you can’t be with your SO on this romantic holiday, that doesn’t mean you can’t make Valentine’s Day great—you just have to be creative about it. Good luck, and happy Valentine’s Day!

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