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7 Noteworthy Philadelphian Artists & Designers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Philadelphia is home to many creative individuals, and we have scoped out some of the most captivating and innovative ones from various artistic fields. Some of the work you can use or wear, and others are just meant to be looked at. Either way, all of these artists and designers have work that’s worth checking out. Read on to be inspired by seven very talented (and very diverse) personalities!

1. Dom Streater: Textile and Fashion Designer​

Dom Streater, best known for winning season 12 of Project Runway and season five of Project Runway: All Stars, actually runs her business right here in Philadelphia. Dom’s particular skillset includes designing her own unique textiles for otherwise minimalist pieces. She’s certainly made a name for herself with an incredible eye for patterns and color, receiving recognition from the mayor of Philadelphia, Nicole Miller and Marie Claire magazine. Her bio features even more of her impressive accolades from the fashion industry. She sells an array of items, including scarves, kimonos, paintings and prints with her own original designs. If you’re interested in seeing more of Dom’s work, you can always visit her online shop!

2. Onyx Taylor: Fashion Designer

Onyx Taylor, who was featured in the 2016 Philly Fashion Week, just debuted the pre-fall 2016 collection, Onyx by Onyx Taylor. Inspired by the moon, Andy Warhol, André Leon Talley, Kanye West and more, the collection stands out in its simplicity. It uses almost exclusively grey tones with hints of black and white to add some value contrast to the monochromatic palette. The collection also incorporates gender-bending shapes and silhouettes, giving it an androgynous look that could be worn by anyone. To learn more about Onyx by Onyx Taylor, read up on the designer’s biography.

3. KellyAnne Mifflin: Artist and Jewelry Maker

KellyAnne Mifflin creates jewelry and art for StitchPrism, a Philadelphia-based handmade jewelry and aerium company. The pieces are incredibly unique and interesting, usually incorporating crystals and stones with geometric brass shapes. Her mission is “to make the wearer feel protected, comfortable, and sparkly” with the healing properties of the crystals. KellyAnne usually either makes only one or a select few of each piece, because each necklace or earring has its own story. Her art is just as unique — she also creates glazed ceramic hands, as pictured above. Interested in learning more about KellyAnn’s work with StitchPrism? Check out her bio or go straight to her Etsy shop to get your hands on one of her truly unique pieces!

4. SWOON: Mixed Media Artist and Printmaker

Though born in Connecticut, SWOON has done a lot for the Philadelphia area. You may have even seen some of her murals at 3060 Jefferson St. and 2001 Frankford Ave. in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. SWOON has spent a lot of her time teaching visual arts classes to those struggling with substance abuse to better understand how trauma relates to addiction. She takes inspiration from these experiences and applies them to her own work as well, featuring portraits of real people on top of intricate graphic patterns. If you’re inspired by her work with the Mural Arts Program, checking out her full bio is a must. Be sure to also follow her work on Instagram – she is constantly working on new projects and installations!

5. Milano Di Rouge: Fashion Designer

Milano Di Rouge founded her company, Milano Di Rouge, LLC, in 2012. The company provides “affordable luxury to the fashion enthusiast.” The designs have clear streetwear inspiration for both men and women. Milano owns and operates the company, and since the opening in 2012 she has made a lot of progress. In January of 2016, Milano was selected to be a Designer in Residence at The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator at Macy’s Center City, and was featured in the 2016 Philly Fashion Week. If you’re wondering how to get your hands on one of her fashion-forward designs, head over to the Milano Di Rouge shop.

6. Bethany Rusen: Ceramic Artist

Bethany Rusen is the creative force behind her company, Stanley Chester & Albert (named for three of her ancestors). The company is based in West Philadelphia, and specializes in hand thrown ceramic pottery, usually with painted designs as well. SC&A has been recognized in Grid Magazine and Philadelphia Weekly, and can be found in the Philadelphian stores Art Star Gallery & Boutique, Nice Things Handmade, Philadelphia Independents and Vix Emporium. Bethany’s own online shop is filled with even more of her cute mugs, vases and other pottery.

7. Devin McNutt: Jewelry Maker

Devin McNutt founded the company Saffron Creations after being inspired by an art deco-style candy tin given to her by her grandmother. She took this inspiration and created jewelry with colorful and timeless designs using upcycled tin material. Each unique piece of jewelry is handcrafted right here in her Philadelphia studio. Her online shop features an array of one-of-a-kind upcycled pieces that you can feel good about wearing.

This is but only a limited list of the countless designers and artists whose creative voices have impacted Philadelphia, but they have all certainly distinguished themselves from the rest. Whether you can wear their designs or just admire them from afar, each creator has a clear vision for their work and our city is better for it. Next time you’re feeling the need for new and inspiring art or fashion, remember that we have these — and many more — incredible artists and designers within our own city limits!

Her Campus Drexel contributor.