7 Creative Virtual Halloween Celebration Ideas

Whether it is spent around friends, family, strangers, in-person or through zoom/ virtual surroundings, Halloween can always mean spooky snacks, costumes and experiences. 

While there are many people who can spend Halloween together in person, you might think that there are almost no ways that this day can be celebrated online. This article is here to change your mind! 


Here are 7 ways you can stay safe and still have fun celebrating Halloween!: 

  1. 1. Virtual Halloween Costume Contest   

    Two Ghosts Standing in Front of a Brick Wall

    You and a few friends could either get together and dress up in a halloween costume of your choosing or decide on a theme. This theme can be based on a movie, tv show or any other theme you can think of! Then, you could even come up with an idea for a prize (an online gift card, for example). There could be an overall costume king and queen or best costume winner, or you could come up with categories to make the contest more interesting. For example, there could be a prize for ‘best makeup’ or ‘funniest costume’. 

  2. 2. Virtual Pumpkin Carving


    Everyone loves to carve pumpkins and make their own Jack O Lantern with their friends or family. Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of that! Through zoom, you and your friends/family can get on a call and carve your pumpkins together! You could even take a group photo together with your pumpkins (through a screenshot), or afterwards, you could all take pictures of your carved pumpkins and make a collage! 

  3. 3. Virtual DIY Decor 

    Cottage decor with some plants and a skull

    Decorating your house is easily one of the most fun parts of celebrating Halloween. While this can still be done even with the pandemic, holding a virtual decor session or DIY decor session can add more fun to the fun! Hop on a zoom call or facetime call with your friends/family/loved ones and make your own decorations together. This can be as simple as letting those on the call with you see you making bat cutouts out of black paper or having them on the phone with you while you hang fake spider webs around your house. Afterwards, each individual on the call can give the others a ‘halloween house tour’. 

  4. 4. Scary Movies on Netflix Party

    netflix logo on flat screen tv

    ‘Netflix Party’ or ‘TeleParty’ is a way to watch a movie together with those close to you while being able to chat at the same time. This is a Google Extension that can easily be downloaded. Once you and your friends/family have it downloaded, select a spooky film and share the link to the party. You can either have each other on Zoom while watching this or simply just rely on the chat. 

  5. 5. Halloween Themed Makeup Session

    Love doing your makeup? Set up a FaceTime or Zoom call with a few friends or loved ones and talk to each other or listen to music while you each do your own Halloween-themed makeup look. Afterwards, you can post this look on Instagram or even put your costume on and start the virtual Halloween party! 

  6. 6. Spooky Snack Time

    halloween cookies

    Set up your phone or laptop in your kitchen and call your friends/family. Make sure they’re in their kitchens as well and get prepared to start baking Halloween-themed snacks together! These can range from ghost-shaped Halloween cookies to Halloween cake pops. Afterwards, you could all chat and spend time bonding while snacking on the freshly made Halloween-themed goodies! 

  7. 7. Take Halloween Quizzes Together 

    With Buzzfeed’s new Quiz Party feature, you can now take quizzes together with friends on Buzzfeed. You could do this while on a group call with your loved ones to add to the fun through added commentary. Listed below are a few links to some quizzes you could take: 

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Whether you're celebrating online or in person, these ideas will always be fun and handy! 

Have fun staying safe and staying spooky!