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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

Being a girl in college can be hard. We’re constantly tired, studying 24/7, and all the while trying to squeeze a social life in. Lucky for you, Her Campus has compiled the perfect Back-to-School Survival Kit, tailored to your every need. These products may not magically solve all your problems, but they certainly will make your life a little easier. 

1. Monthly Planner

Image Courtesy of Erin Condren

If you haven’t tried a monthly planner yet, we can assure that it will change your life. Erin Condren puts it best when it comes to planners: “Inspire, simplify, and stylize your life so that you can schedule today and celebrate tomorrow!” Their planners are not only modern and stylish, they also will help you to never forget another homework assignment again.

2. Face Masks

Image Courtesy of Freeman Beauty

School is stressful. We repeat: School is very, very stressful. Sometimes what you really need is to stop and take a minute for yourself, and face masks are the ultimate form of self-care. Not only will they help you relax, they’re great for your skin too! 

3. Chewy Candy

Image Courtesy of Hi-CHEW Candy

There’s no need for explanation when it comes to this one! Candy helps in every situation, hands down. As an added bonus, these chewy goodies are cholesterol free, gluten free, have 0g trans fat, and are made with real fruit juices. Instead of going for the chocolate, you can reach for these guilt-free when you’re having a sugar craving.

4. Dry Shampoo & Hairspray

Image Courtesy of Bed Head by TIGI

When you’re pulling all-nighters every other night, sometimes you don’t get a chance to shower. Dry shampoo can help! Spray your roots with a little in the morning and no one will be able to tell that you didn’t wash your hair the night before. Top with a little hairspray and your hair (and you) will be ready for the day!

5. Sparkling Water

Image Courtesy of Spindrift

Switch out soda and other sugary drinks for a healthier (and just as tasty) option to avoid a sugar crash during the day. The sparkling water pictured above (which yes, is at Trader Joe’s) is made with just sparkling water and real fruit, a.k.a. the good kind of sugar.

6. Self-Tanner

Image Courtesy of L’Oréal

Sadly, summer is over. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your tan has to be over too! In just a few hours, tanning wipes can transform your skin to look like you just spent a day at the beach (even if you really were in classes all day.)

7. Toothbrush Travel Case

Image Courtesy of Steripod

This is one you might not have even considered, but it’s just as important as the rest! When you’re planning on crashing at a friends house, don’t just haphazardly toss your toothbrush in your bag with the rest of your things (germs much?); instead, keep it clean with a toothbrush case. The one pictured above not only works for travel, but also circulates the air inside the case to dry your brush and keep it smelling fresh.

So there you have it, readers! We hope these products will give you some ease of mind when tackling the day. And be sure to enter to win these all these products here!

Cover Image Courtesy of Erin Condren

Her Campus Drexel contributor.