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7 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for the Holidays

While holidays are generally the best events and bring a lot of joy to your life, they can be both expensive and stressful. It’s the one time of the year when you’re getting together with family and it’s almost essential to give all your loved ones something meaningful. It is, however, important to ensure that the gifts you’re going to get your family and friends are budget friendly or under $15. Although you may have a holiday bonus, not wanting to spend the entire amount on other people is absolutely fine. Planning and organizing holiday shopping may be stressful so my first tip is to start at the Dollar Tree or a Five Below. 

A Pretty Cup Filled with Goodies Image Courtesy of Pinterest  

Who doesn't love a beautiful coffee mug to drink their morning coffee in? Fill the cup up with a good brand or flavor of coffee powder or even a small tub of your favorite scented candle. After all, the price tag doesn't matter, it's the thought that counts.  

Yankee Candles  Image Courtesy of The Endive Chronicles

Buy two jars of Yankee candles and pair it up with a photo frame or pen stand to help accessorize your loved ones home.   

Cake MixImage Courtesy of CBS News  

A basket full of a variety of 4-5 flavors of cake mix to cheer on the holiday spirit.   

Self-Care Items                                                                                Image Courtesy of STAGE  

Pair up a bottle of hand soap with hand cream. Add a colorful cushion or one that has a pretty pattern. Wrap it up in the prettiest paper and voila- your present is ready.

Fuzzy Socks Image Courtesy of Overstock  

Socks get a bad rep around the holidays, but not when they have fun patterns. Go with the Frenchies or get unicorns, cats or a llama print on 'em.

Pretty Mobile Cover and KeychainImage Courtesy of AliExpress

Get your loved one a funky keychain for the holiday season and surprise them with a pretty phone cover.

Journal or Notebook with Personal NoteImage Courtesy of PABERISH.ME  

Get the prettiest notebook. Include a little note of encouragement to subtly remind your loved one to keep up a regular correspondence (with themselves, or the void).

Don’t stress out, chill out this holiday season. Happy holidays! 

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