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6 TV Show Heartthrobs That We Have Forgotten About

I’ll start out by saying that personal character beats looks everytime. People are more than just their physical appearance, and being a good person goes a long way. However, life is too short to not rave about some of the hunks that have starred on our all-time favorite TV shows. 

1) Smith Jarrod

Image courtesy of HBO

His beachy hair and piercing blue eyes took our breaths away when he made his appearance in Sex and the City as the hot waiter and struggling actor. Played by Jason Lewis, Smith Jarrod was way more than just his looks. His character was a sweetheart and a hardworking actor, making him the ultimate catch. Smith Jarrod will forever be the “Absolut Hunk”. 

2) Ty Collins

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This 90210 character, played by Adam Gregory, had a minor role in the series, but wow – was he good-looking! I mean, look at him! However, his character was a total jerk, so that was a disappointment. 

3) Tyler Lockwood

Image courtesy of fandom

So much attention was put on the Somerhalder brothers, but I think Tyler Lockwood, played by Michael Trevino, wins for most “drool-worthy” boy from The Vampire Diaries. He has that dark and mysterious look that is irresistible. Minus the occasional werewolf bursts of anger, Tyler Lockwood was one of the good guys.

4) Chuck Bass

Image courtesy of lifestyle hunters

Yes, Nate Archibald was great, but we can’t forget about Gossip Girl’s very own, Chuck. Played by Ed Westwick, Chuck was one of the most unforgettable characters from the all-time drama T.V. series. It took him almost all the seasons, but Chuck Bass turned out to be one of the best guys on the show. We all wish we had a Chuck Bass that would go to the end of the earth for us, don’t lie!

5) Spencer Reid 

Image courtesy of CBS

This detective on Criminal Minds, played by Matthew Gray Gubler, steals all our hearts. He is a genius, sensitive and easy on the eyes. Detective Reid, no doubt, has the looks and the brains! We can’t forget that his job is to catch criminals and put them behind bars for eternity, so he’s also kind of a hero. 

6) Tim Riggins

Image courtesy of wetpaint

No one beats Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights. Played by, Taylor Kitsch, Riggins is the all-time television heartthrob by a long shot! I mean come on, look at him. He has the bad boy edge but turns out to be one of the nicest guys, which makes it even easier to love him.

Whether they look like total jerks and turn out to be the complete opposite, or they are actual jerks who you don’t want to associate with, we can’t help but appreciate these aesthetically pleasing characters for giving us, not only good entertainment, but pretty faces to look at as well.



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