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6 Summer 2018 Trends to Try

From the catwalk to your closet, here are the trends to keep an eye out for this season. Be a little daring with these bold colors and unconventional materials, or embrace your whimsical side with pastel colors and Cinderella shoes. Try something new and have fun – it is summer, after all!


1. Cinderella Shoes

Image Courtesy of Macy’s

Not quite sure what this title is referring to? Don’t worry, neither did I, but these sparkly-heeled shoes are a great way to add a bit of pizazz to your wardrobe. You could go the Mary Jane route or you could add a level of sophistication to the look by going for a pair with a pointy toe.


2. Pastel Colors 

Image Courtesy of Fashion Gum

Do you love muted colors? You should add some (or more) pastels to your wardrobe this summer. They transition greatly from spring to summer. If you’re still looking to have that ‘wow’ factor, try out a garment with an interesting, unexpected silhouette.


3. Plastic 

Image Courtesy of American Noize

All about some shine? Why not give plastic a try? Sure to be the star of your outfit, maybe try pairing it with a softer texture to create a cohesive look.


4. Crayola Colors 

Image Courtesy of Tokyo Fashion

If you like bright and fun clothing, this is sure to be for you. Crayola colors are basically high-saturation colors that are bold and pack a punch.  If you want to stand out, these colors have got your back. 


5. Fringe 

Image Courtesy of Blake Von D

This swingy embellishment seems to capture the carefree nature of summer effortlessly. This is one of the ultimate attention-grabbers, unavoidably drawing the attention of those nearby with every move you make.


6. Checks 

Image Courtesy of British Vogue

This print is often thought of for only the winter, but with the right color scheme, checks seem to transcend every season. Try and include a bright accent color – it will liven the entire outfit.


This summer is full of eye-catching trends, some more unexpected then others. Try one or all of them and make sure to post cute pics for us to see on Instagram! 

Studying fashion design at Drexel University.
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