6 Fabrics and Textiles to Try This Holiday Season

Texture, texture, texture... it seems to be the fabric trend for this holiday season. Popular on the runways as well as in your favorite stores, these touchable textiles are highly affordable and trendy. From velvet pile to wild fur, here’s a list of fabrics to try in a variety of ways during your holiday break!

1.      Velvet

Image courtesy of Glamour

Velvet, which was one of New York Fashion Week 2017’s most luxurious trends, according to InStyle, is a great statement piece to have in your closet this season. What’s great is that velvet can be found in many colors and in different forms – dresses, purses and even shoes! Trendy in the ‘90’s, this texture is coming back for sure. The fabric is so captivating that you can easily pair it with another simple piece and easily have a chic outfit.

2.   Tweed

Image courtesy of Zara

Both classy and sophisticated, tweed adds texture and another element of interest to what previously would have been a simple outfit. This fabric is great to wear to a networking event, a job interview or even if you’re feeling like you want to wear Chanel, a brand that has incorporated tweed into its many designs.

3.   Checks

Image courtesy of Lulu’s

Harper’s Bazaar predicted checks being a staple piece for autumn and winter because they are versatile, yet more interesting than a solid color. You can easily layer over or under this dress to keep toasty during these chilly months.

4.   Wild Fur

Image courtesy of Nasty Gal

If fur is outside of your comfort zone, this grey bag is a low-risk way to give this fluffy trend a shot. The neutral color and the bold texture make it a great statement piece for almost any holiday outfit.

5.   Knits

Image courtesy of Boohoo

Oversized knits are very in this fall and winter and they are a great piece to use during the holidays as well. Forever 21, Zara, and The Loft are all sporting them. You probably have one or a few already, so why not pair it with another fabric from this list?  

6.   Corduroy

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Corduroy, previously thought of as unfashionable, is making a strong comeback. Not only does it keep you warm, but the ribbing adds texture and dimension to any look. Try layering this dress over a black slim fitting turtleneck and layered gold necklaces.

Experiment with these fabrics - they easily add an alluring catch to your outfits for the holidays. There are both low-risk options and more daring alternatives for any of these fabrics, so with that said, try whatever you're comfortable with and have fun fashionably ringing in the holidays!