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6 Dessert Places You Need to Try Now

Philadelphia’s food scene is one of the best parts about living so close to Center City. With Restaurant Week and so many food truck festivals, Philly is blessed with amazing cuisine and of course we love take advantage of that. The best part of this is that we have an equal amount of dessert places in the area to indulge our sweet tooth. As someone who loves to eat and enjoys dessert way too much, I tried some of Philly’s sweet shops so you can go and enjoy them yourself.

1. Isgro Pastries

Located near the Italian Market of Philadelphia, this small Italian bakery promises authentic Italian treats. They opened in 1904 and their recipes have not changed since. This place is a must-see if you happen to be roaming around the Italian Market.

Pro Tip: The cannolis are amazing and the pesca a la creme (mini peach cakes) are to die for!

2. The Franklin Fountain

Don’t scared by the long lines, Franklin Fountain is completely worth the wait and the line moves pretty fast. This old-fashioned establishment offers some of the best ice cream in town. From honey comb to almond cherry butter cream to classic vanilla, Franklin Fountain ice cream will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Pro Tip: Order Mt. Vesuvius with either honey comb or vanilla ice cream!

3. Carlo’s Bakery

Everyone who has binge-watched Cupcake Wars knows about this place, and many fans dream of visiting one day. Luckily for us, we have one right on 21st and Walnut streets. While I am not a huge fan of this place, their red velvet cake is good. Personally, I like more homemade-style bakeries, but I have to admit that eating one of Carlo’s treats is something I am excited to scratch off of my bucket list.  

Pro Tip: Go during the opening hours for a truly fresh baked good.

4. Teassert Bar

Rolled ice cream has become a sensation. In fact, many locations in the city (China Town, specifically) are serving it! Teassert Bar’s flavor options are great and the fact that you can get unlimited toppings is even better. Their red bean is surprisingly good, and you can’t skip their assorted toppings!

Pro tip: Chocolate lovers will appreciate Ferrero Rocher with Pocky sticks.

5. Termini Bros Bakery

I will be honest here, if you haven’t eaten Termini Bros’ cannolis or the cheesecake, we can’t be friends. I mean it. Their products are always so fresh, well done, and full of flavor – no matter what you order. Their cannolis are filled the moment you order them, so you know they are as fresh as can be.

Pro tip: You can’t go wrong with the marble crumble cake, cheescake or cannolis (maybe all three?).

6. Big Gay Ice Cream

Originally a food truck in New York City, Big Gay Ice Cream blessed us with a Philadelphia location in May 2015. This ice cream parlor is everything you could dream of and more. Their ice cream creations are the perfect mix of salty and sweet. I am personally a hot fudge kind of gal, but their dulce de leche is also great.

Pro Tip: Bea Arthur or the Monday Sundae are extremely popular options.


If you ever find yourself near any of these places, don’t hesitate to try them. They are the perfect place to sink your teeth into something sweet when you are wandering around Center City after a meal with your friends or whenever you need a break from studying. Don’t forget to send us pictures when you try one of these spots or tag us on Instagram (@hercampusdrexel)!

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