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5 Ways to Keep Track of the 50 TV Shows You Watch

If you’re anything like me, you have 50 TV shows you’re currently watching, and 20 more you’ve been meaning to check out. Netflix is full of amazing series to watch, so your queue is packed with shows “you’ll get to” after you’ve caught up on all your live episodes of your favorite series that are currently airing. Here are five ways to keep everything organized so you can start keeping track of what you want to watch!

1. Use a planner

Planners are a great way to keep track of homework and assignments due, but they’re also useful for organizing your daily TV schedule. Combine your academic planner with your TV show planner, or purchase one specifically for your shows! You definitely won’t miss an episode if you schedule it ahead of time every week.


2. Use sticky notes

Sticky notes are another life-saving organization tool. Whether you use paper sticky notes or the app on your phone/computer, you can write down your shows and put them in a place where you can see them all the time! There’s no way you’d miss a show after seeing these brightly colored notes every day!


3. Set reminders

If you don’t have a reminder app already built into your phone or computer, you should definitely download one! They’re great for writing down quick things you don’t want to forget. You can even set alerts that’ll ring to remind you at a specific time. No more forgetting about the new episode of Game of Thrones you wanted to watch!


4. Set alarms

Similar to the reminders app, the alarm clock app is another great tool to use to remind you when to watch a show. You can’t write a long message here like you can on the reminders app, however, it’s still great for setting weekly reminders so you don’t have to remember to turn one on for a certain day.


5. Download an app to help

There are tons of apps, both on Android and iOS that have been made specifically to track all of your TV shows! Apps, such as Next Episode, TVShow Time, and Series Addict, make sure you’re on top of everything and will even notify you when there are new episodes of your favorite show out.


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Rayauna is a sophomore Health Sciences major at Drexel University on the pre-med track. She spends most of her time glued to her computer either doing homework or online window-shopping. She practically lives on the second floor of Hagerty, but when she's not there you can find her sleep-walking to her 8 AM microbiology labs or spending all her dining dollars at Vegetate. She enjoys writing in her spare time, binge-watching Netflix, and catching up on the 50 different TV shows she currently watches.
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