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5 Reasons to Listen to My Brother, My Brother and Me

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

I started co-op this Fall Term, and my 45 minute commute is less than ideal. So, to stay awake (and not be completely bored), I turned to podcasts. Luckily, I was recommended this amazing show called “My Brother, My Brother and Me” and I wanted to pass on the favor to all of our readers.

The show is self-described as “an advice show for the modern era.” Essentially, the three brothers (Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy) take questions via e-mail and more, and give their listeners advice on day-to-day problems they’re having. How serious that advice is may be up for debate. It’s not always the advice that you asked for, but trust me, it’s the advice you need. So here are just 5 of the many reasons you need to start listening to MBMBaM like, right now.

1. They’re hilarious, but they actually give real, genuine advice from time to time.

Image courtesy of Media Tenor

Every so often, a question will come up that’s similar to the conditions of my own problem. While the brothers generally start out with some more comedic answers to their questions, sometimes they’ll say just the thing I needed to hear for my own situation.

2. There’s already 7 years’ worth of episodes to listen to.

Image courtesy of Tumblr

It’ll be a long time before you’ll have to wait for the next episode with 380 already available for download!

3. The Yahoo! Answers.

Image courtesy of Imgur

Every week, the brothers’ followers send in some of the most ridiculous, outlandish Yahoo! Answers questions for the show to answer, and they never disappoint. Highlights include: “Can toenails be swallowed?”, “Is it strange to be attracted to cheese?”, and “I need love potion ingredients. Help please.”

4. The Money Zone

Image courtesy of Tumblr

For $100-$200, individuals and businesses get to be featured in a special part of each episode called “The Money Zone.” Ranging anywhere from birthdays to other podcasts to new apps, the brothers somehow manage to always find the humor in both of their featured subjects.

5. Voice actor Bob Ball delivers the best disclaimer you could ask for before each episode. Image courtesy of Wikia

Guess you’ll have to download the show to find out exactly what that is!

So if you’re looking for a podcast to get you started, look no further. Every episode is free, so check them out on the Podcast app today, or look up their sampler here! (The brothers recommend starting around episode 100, that’s when they really find their groove!)

Her Campus Drexel contributor.