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Every new season brings new fashion and makeup trends to the forefront. Everyone knows that warmer months generally call for lighter colors and more subtle makeup, but when the temperatures drop we get free range to express our creativity with darker hues and bolder statements. We’ve rounded up five makeup trends that are worth trying out this fall.

1. Healthy, radiant skin

Image via Sona Gasparian.

Fresh skin is still in even though warm months are long behind us. Our faces have been suffocating under layers of foundation, concealer and bronzer for many winters past. But now, we can bare it all and let our skin breathe. If you don’t want to go au natural because of redness, dullness or scars on your face, there are other ways to achieve the no makeup look. Concealer is your best friend in trouble areas. If you want coverage for your entire face without heavy foundation, stick to a tinted moisturizer instead.


2. Berry lips

Image via Nanshy.

Dark lips have been a major trend for a while now, but people mainly stick to matte lips. This fall, it’s time to make a change and wear berry stained lips with a topcoat of clear gloss. Healthy, glowing skin and plump, fresh lips are making a comeback. All matte everything can make your entire face look and feel dry. These glossed-up lips will make your lips seem so moisturized and healthy even when the cold starts to dry you out.


3. Black eyeliner

Image via Laura Lee.

Being heavy handed with a black pencil results in a very daring look that can be quite unnatural if applied incorrectly, but this season the bold look is in. Grab your favorite kohl liner and run it along your water lines! You can also play around with other fun looks including cat eyes, smudged corners, and more.


4. Lashes galore

Image via Katherine Park.

Keep your lashes full, but natural this season. This look makes your eyes look dramatic, but still sweet. Long, thick lashes make you look more awake and beautiful. If you already have amazing lashes, just swipe on a layer or two of mascara. If not, instead of buying one pack of dramatic glue-on lashes, buy two packs of natural looking ones and stack them on top of each other. Ardell’s Natural Wispies are perfect for this stacking technique and you can buy them at CVS.


 5. Bushy, untamed brows

Image via Studded Hearts.

It’s safe to say that our brows have the ability to make or break how we look. In the past couple of years perfectly shaped and shaded brows have been a must in our morning routines. But this upcoming season is all about letting your brows do what they want. Bushy and untamed eyebrows scream natural, and they actually give you a very bold look as well.


There you have it, five must-try trends for fall! Be sure to show us how you made these looks your own by tagging us in your pictures on Instagram (@hercampusdrexel). Did we miss any fall beauty trends? Let us know in the comments!

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