4 Ways to Make the World a Better Place

When someone thinks of “making the world a better place”, finding a cure for a disease, ending world hunger, or another large act may come to mind. While these do contribute to bettering the world, everything isn’t always about the large moments. There are plenty of small deeds that everyone can do that will make the world we live in a little bit better day-by-day.



  1. Volunteering


Volunteering is an amazing way to make a difference in your community, as well as getting involved with something that you are passionate about. There are opportunities available in anything you could possibly think of – there is mostly likely an organization that would love to take volunteers. From animal shelters to soup kitchens to nursing homes, the options are really endless. I had the opportunity to volunteer at an establishment that served breakfast to those who didn’t have access to it and it was such an amazing experience. While handing out the meals, people would stop and say ‘thank you’ for what I was doing and how much they appreciated the program. This not only made me more appreciative of what I did have in my life, but this experience led me to something that I like doing now.


Image Courtesy of Pixabay



  1. Get involved with an organization


For every passion that you have, there is an organization that is involved with it. From women’s reproductive rights, the equality of all, or environmental issues, you can find an organization that will peak your interest. Within these organizations, they will most likely hold meeting and events to try and spread their message. This is a great way to teach others about the organization and recruit more people who have the same concerns as you. Some organizations, like Planned Parenthood and The Women’s March, hold large protests and rallies that you can be a part of for free.



  1. Spread kindness


This may sound really simple, but it is very effective. When was the last time someone smiled at you when you were walking down the street? Or the last time a stranger complimented you? Nine times out of ten, this simple gesture makes you smile. So, why not spread the kindness by doing it to someone else? By doing such a small act, you could possibly make somebody’s not-so-good day, a little bit better.



  1. Donate your old clothes


We all know that one shirt or dress that has been sitting in our closet for the past year that we won’t ever wear again. Instead of having it spend another year being unused, why not just donate it? Donating to a shelter will ensure that the clothing that you provide will be given to someone who really needs it.


Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


You don’t have to start a giant, world-changing organization to make an impact. All of these small, minor things can make a difference in our world and let your voice and opinions be heard. Doing so will make the world a better place for you, and hopefully, for other people.

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