4 Stages of Growing Out My Pixie Cut

I cut my hair on a whim the summer between my freshman and sophomore year with the impression that I was going to suddenly going to look like Emma Watson or Shailene Woodley. My hair was already to my chin, but the salon floor looked like a dog had just been shaved with the amount of hair that surrounded my chair after the cut. I didn’t even know I had all that hair. It took all of five seconds for my hair to go from my shoulders to my chin to my ear and a half hour later I was walking out of the salon.

I wish someone had told me that those few seconds that it took to cut off my hair would turn into months of hockey mullets, awkwardly placed hair clips and baseball caps when I finally decided to grow it out.

It’s been about six months now, and I’m just reaching ear length. I decided to highlight some of the worst stages of my pixie-cut-growing-out. 

I was so young…so naïve to the struggle of growing my hair out.

1. The Swoop

This awkward stage lasted for about two months. For some reason my hair stuck down everywhere except for the cartoonish swoop on my right side. Thankfully, don’t have a lot of pictures from this time.

2. The Hockey Mullet

Image Courtesy of GIPHY   

The thing about growing out a pixie cut is, you have to wait a long time before you cut your hair again. You can see the beginnings of The Mullet in the picture above, but in some of my worst moments it looked like I was on my way to the Stanley Cup.

3. The “Make it Work” Moment

Image Courtesy of GIPHY

At my peak mullet I ended up pinning up my hair so that it would look like it was all the same length. Definitely a Tim Gunn moment.


            Me hiding my mullet



4. The Troy Bolton

After I lopped off my mullet I ended up looking like I could be a teen heartthrob on one of the rip out posters in a magazine. Spot the difference:


Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



Now I’m still waiting for my hair to grow past my ears, and when it does, I’m never cutting it off again.