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4 Fashion Essentials to Set You Apart This Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

When you think of fall fashion the usual images of army green parkas, riding boots and big scarves paired with a pumpkin spice latte clutched in hand may come to mind. Every year there are slight variations of “cutting edge” fall fashion, but these nuanced outfit combinations are not all that groundbreaking. For years girls have been wearing the same oversized sweaters with their combat boots. It is time to break the cycle of basicness and branch out. Below are a few fall staples that will separate you from the sea of UGGs and leggings this season. 

1. Bomber jackets

To step away from the classic puffer jacket or parka that is worn every day, bomber jackets combine personality and functionality to any outfit. They will keep you warm on the cold fall nights while also keeping your outfit fashionable. Bomber jackets can also double as a transition piece as we go from fall to winter. 


2. Wrap jackets

For starters, wrap jackets always do the trick when hiding a post-gym outfit or lazy day attire. Also, wearing a wrap jacket is a great tactic for breaking away from the classic puffer or parka. They add a classier twist on the “I am freezing, but I am also trying to make an effort in my appearance” look. They’re also super comfortable. Is it a coat or a robe? Does it matter? No, because you look awesome and you are the warmest person in class right now.


3. Bell sleeve sweaters

The ‘70s style has not yet left the fashion scene. In the summer of 2016, bell sleeve dresses were the top trend and they could be seen everywhere. Why not bring summer trends into the fall? The bell sleeve sweater adds an edge to your outfit making it look like the ensemble required a lot of effort when in reality you only paired some jeans and a sweater together. 


4. Cinched waist (paper bag) pants


In an effort to shake the leggings or jeans with UGGs habit that nearly everybody gets trapped in during the colder fall months, dress up an outfit with a pair of cinched waist trousers. You still get the comfort of leggings with the added class of trousers. These could be worn at any time, whether you have a presentation in class or are headed to co-op. Cinched waist pants have the ability to completely dress up a not-so-dressy outfit with little effort.


We’ll be the first to admit that leggings and UGGs sound so comfy right about now, but there are so many stylish new ways to get comfort and fashion. Did we miss any fall fashion essentials? Show us how you set your style apart this fall by tagging us on Instagram (@hercampusdrexel). 

Her Campus Drexel contributor.