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3 Athleisure Inspired Outfits for Finals Week

Finals week is approaching and since you’ll be studying your life away, your outfits are the last things you should be losing sleep over. Don’t sweat it, athleisure is here to save you! If you are not familiar with the athleisure trend, it is simply wearing clothing that you would normally wear for athletic activities, like working out or playing sports, in your everyday settings.

Everyone has been going crazy over this trend and here’s the big reason why: it is the perfect marriage between trend and comfort. Since your comfort is important when taking exams, your outfit is a big part of being prepared. Here are a few athleisure-inspired outfit ideas to get you through finals week.

The Groutfit

A good ol’ groutfit (a head-to-toe gray outfit) has never let me down. Think of an all-gray outfit as the sister to an all-black outfit. It’s definitely more weather appropriate if you believe that wearing all black in the summer is a death sentence. Ease into both the athleisure and groutfit trends with gray shorts and a gray t-shirt. Any colored shoes will match this outfit perfectly, which is another benefit of wearing a groutfit.

The Model-Off-Duty

The typical model-off-duty outfit features a pair of leggings, a sports bra, a bomber jacket, sneakers and sunglasses. This look has been seen on many models and celebrities, including Kendall Jenner, and while we aren’t all famous, we can still pull off this ensemble. Switch out the sports bra for a crop top, and instead of a bomber, try a hoodie or a sweatshirt. If it’s too hot to wear either, tie your outerwear choice around your waist for easy access, in case it gets chilly in the exam hall.


The athleisure trend has taught us all that it’s okay to wear sweatpants in public, so get excited! If you plan to spend hours at the library after your exam, or you’re going straight to your exam after an all-nighter, this is the perfect outfit for you. It’s both comfortable and trendy. However, try to stay away from sweatpants that are two sizes too big, regardless of how comfortable they are. A pair of yoga pants can be a substitute for the sweats. For footwear, step into a pair of slides, which are super trendy for this summer.

Chances are, you’ll do much better on your exams if you are comfortable and relaxed. What better way to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation than with your clothing? This finals week, don’t bother spending any time thinking about what to wear, save all your thinking for your actual exam!

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