17 Reasons Why We Love Harry Potter

Whether you came to the magic through the books or the movies, Harry Potter will always have a special place in our generation’s hearts. Here in Philly, we have an extra special way to celebrate, as Chestnut Hill is hosting its annual Harry Potter Festival October 17-18. During this two-day event the world of Harry Potter comes to life. You can enjoy butterbeer, explore a pop-up Hogsmeade (created from the small business that line the square), watch the Quidditch Tournament, and much, much more. You can find more details on Chestnut Hill’s site or Uwishunu’s write up here.

In order to celebrate this exciting event, the Her Campus Drexel staff compiled a list of 17  reasons we love Harry Potter, in honor of the books being 17 years old!


1. Home doesn’t always have to be where your parents/guardians live; it’s where you feel most welcome and loved.

2. Mrs. Weasley made old sweaters cool again.

3. Harry Potter showed us loyal friends are indispensable.

4. The fandom is the GREATEST because it allows a bunch of geeks to geek out and become friends.

5. Harry Potter teaches us about tolerance, diversity, and equality.

6. It reminds us all why we love (and need) books in our lives.

7. You get to whip out your British accent when quoting the amazing lines.

8. Hermione and Ron's love story inspires girls to stay true to themselves instead of playing dumb to get a boy’s attention.

9. Harry gives hope to nerdy kids with glasses everywhere.

10. Harry Potter highlighted the beauty of bromances, especially with Sirius and Lupin.

11. Hermione, who as a feminist hero, inspires girls everywhere to be smart and brave.

12. But we can’t forget about Ginny, Luna, McGonagall, Fleur, Mrs. Weasley, Tonks, Trelawney, or Cho either — SO MANY AMAZING WOMEN ROLE MODELS.


13. Harry Potter provides an escape from everyday turmoil and problems, with the dream of something beyond the ordinary.

14. Pumpkin Juice & Butterbeer, now a delicious reality.

15. Even in the darkest times, the characters allowed themselves to laugh, if only for a moment.

16. Dumbledore proved that even old people can have sass. So. Much. Sass.

17. "Always" is the most precious thing in the entire world.


Even though we may never walk through the hallways of Hogwarts, these stories and characters have brought so much magic to our lives, and for that we will be forever grateful.