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The 15 Stages of Spring Break

We all know that life isn’t really like what we see in the movies or on TV. I used to think that the spring break experience I saw on the screen was all theatrics, with no basis in reality… and then I went to Mexico. As it turns out, spring break can absolutely be the way it is on TV. Here’s what I found to be true on my vacation down south.

1. Arriving at the hotel

The adventure has to begin somewhere. After finally making it out of the airport and into a cab, you step into the hotel. You and your squad check in, gather all the brochures, maps, and wristbands you need and storm your room(s).


2. Unpacking your suitcase

Next, it’s time to set up shop. Soon the bathroom counter will be covered entirely by makeup kits and toiletry pouches. Anything nice might end up in the closet, but for the most part everyone’s wardrobe is going to end up in a pile on the floor.


3. Creating a game plan

Now what? Do you go straight to the pool, or do you lie out for a while? Maybe you’re hungry after a long flight, or just need to sit and decompress for a minute. Regardless, communicating with your group is the best way to make things run smoothly.


4. Getting your grub on

Depending on what kind of hotel or resort you stay at, the food options can be endless. The hardest part is always deciding on where you want to go! The eating part, on the other hand, is very easy.


5. Hitting up the pool or beach

Everyone is feeling good after getting some food and now it’s time to cool off in the water. Don’t forget your sunscreen!


6. Getting a drink (or two)

Swim-up bars are one of the best and worst creations to grace the world of spring break. In sunny, 80 degree weather, a cold piña colada is a godsend, but you’ve gotta be careful. (You can always ask for a cup of ice water or pineapple juice instead!)        


7. More drinks

I said something about being careful, right?


8. Oh man, more drinks

Seriously, though – why are margaritas so good?


9. Nap time!

Whether you’ve been partying hard, playing hard, or even just chilling out so far, a mid-afternoon nap is always a nice indulgence. Who has time to get proper sleep during classes? Now you can catch up on those missing Z’s.


10. Filling up the tank

Before continuing on with your night, you’re gonna have to fuel up again. And since it’s vacation, you and the crew should definitely get dessert for once. Treat yo’self.


11. Getting ready to go out

The flatirons and curling wands are plugged in and heating up. Clothes are flying around the room. Steam from the shower is fogging up every available mirror. You and your friends’ Snapchat stories are filled with selfies and group shots. We all know what this means – it’s time to go out and have an awesome night.


12. Going dancing

You’ve finally found an outfit you like, and you and the squad are feeling fire. The dance floor is where you’re headed when you hear your favorite song blast through the speakers. Maybe a hottie will approach you and want to dance – the night is young.      


13. Heading to bed

After killin’ it out on the floor, it’s time to drag your sweaty bodies back to your room. Walking back through the hotel with your shoes in hand, you talk with your friends about anyone cute you saw and laugh about the day’s events.


14. Sleep, sweet sleep

With the combination of sun, heat, lots of moving around, and maybe a couple of drinks here and there, your body is begging for rest. You get ready for bed and plop down on top of the covers, quickly falling asleep to dream of what will happen tomorrow.


15. Rinse and repeat.

You wake up in the morning, shower off last night’s grime, and start the process all over again! Stay safe, and you’re bound to have an awesome trip with your friends. You deserve it.

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