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10 Types of People in the Car During a Road Trip

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Drexel chapter.

When it comes to road trips, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. Having your friends on the road with you makes it even more memorable – for better or for worse. Here are the 10 types of roles people always seem to fill during the trek.


1. The Overpreparer

This is the friend that makes sandwiches ahead of time, packs toiletries for the whole car, and brings magazines to read. Whether you need a pack of gum or a phone charger, you know that the Overpreparer has all of the essentials handy. After all, the inside of her handbag practically resembles a CVS.


2. The Sleeper

This person spends the majority of the ride catching up on some much needed sleep. Expect the only words out of their mouth to be, ”I have to use the bathroom!”, “Can we stop for food?” and “Are we there yet?” If this is you, be aware that your friends will probably take a few embarrassing and unflattering Snapchat photos of you while you’re asleep.


3. The Complainer

Some people can’t handle sitting in a cramped car for too long. Be prepared to stop often for them to use the bathroom or take a stretch.


4. The One Who’s Always in a Good Mood

No matter what, you can count on this person to keep everyone in high spirits even down the longest, most boring stretches of road. They always have a funny story to tell or know a few car games that can be played.


5. The Road Rager

This person doesn’t need to be in the driver’s seat to have the urge to yell at other cars on the road. Keep them away from the windows and put the child locks on your doors when you get to any stoplights.


6. The Bad Co-Pilot

We all have that one friend who can’t be trusted to sit in the passenger seat. Their mind will wander for a few minutes and before you know it, the driver will have missed her turn. If this is you, expect to get blamed for getting the group lost.


7. The Good Co-Pilot

Their eyes are always on the GPS and they might also serve as the DJ. But, most importantly, they take the group selfies.


8. The Philosopher

How did a simple five-hour car ride turn into a conversation about the meaning of life? The Philosopher can’t help but ponder over life’s deepest questions, especially if it’s late at night.


9. The DJ

The DJ’s number one priority is to keep the music flowing. They are always in control of the aux cord. Thanks to the DJ there’s going to be at least one part of the car ride that turns into a full-on karaoke session.


10. The Person in the Third Row of the Van

If you’ve got a big group going on a road trip, you’ll probably need to take a van. Unfortunately, this means that some of your friends are going to end up in the back row. These people miss out on some of the jokes being told in the front of the car and they always fall asleep.


No college experience is complete without at least one road trip! Next time you find yourself planning one, think about the roles you and your friends have in the car. Let us know if we missed any other types of people in the car in the comments below!

Sarah is a Marketing and Technology & Innovation Management major from Brooklyn, NY. In her free time she enjoys reading lifestyle/fashion/beauty blogs and literature, trying to get her life together, watching Netflix, and spending an unhealthy amount of time on social media. 
Her Campus Drexel contributor.