10 Different Ways to Wear the Same Shirt

With the recent interest in capsule wardrobes, we have learned how to build multiple outfits out of a few staple items in our wardrobe. I have yet to come across a list without this wardrobe staple – the white collared shirt. Here are 10 colorful and personality filled ways to change up the white shirt:


1. Layered underneath 

A sweater over your shirt, especially a brightly colored one gives your personality time to shine through and saves you from having to check every few minutes whether you spilled your large coffee over your white shirt where it would leave a stain.

2. Casual with cutoffs  

A white shirt is usually known for its place in the boardroom, but with a pair of frayed shorts, no one will mistake your destination for the office.

3. Add some color

Pairing a white shirt with black pants is always expected in the office, but a suit of your favorite bright color will make you stand out in a good way in the workplace.

4. Good girl goes bad 

The white shirt usually brings menswear to mind, but with a tulle skirt and a leather jacket, you will be the princess with an edge – no prince charming needed to save you!

5. An effortless classic 

This muted look gives you an outfit both for co-op in the morning and that is comfortable enough that you will not be in a hurry to change whether you have a date or your friend’s birthday dinner.

6. White on white

All-white outfit with your accessories giving a pop of color. Need I say more? Just don’t wear this to a wedding. Please!

7. Out from under

Do you ever find a jumpsuit that you absolutely love, but does not fit your style because it has no sleeves? Say goodbye to the days of leaving that dress or jumpsuit behind because the good old favorite, the white shirt is worn underneath a dress or jumpsuit still leaves you looking fabulous and right in your comfort zone.

8. Dress it down

Just because the white shirt needs to be spruced up does not mean you should have all bright clothing in addition to it. This look can take you from the morning class, through a day of work at your favorite café and a massive study session at the library while looking as though you just got ready. 

9. Layer it up

The slip dress has come a long way from the bedroom. A white shirt under it or above it, tied at the waist leaves you with a chic look no one will believe you only spent 5-minutes on.

10. Join the trends

The white shirt with mom jeans is still a classic. Just mod it up with a corset to create a look that works for a brunch date with friends and go straight to a photo shoot fit for the gram!

Just because we see the white shirt as a closet basic, does not mean it should look basic. Your plain white collared shirt does not have to be styled with the usual black pants or skirt. Shake things up with a few skills that fashion bloggers would dream of.