Why I Deleted My Instagram

If you were wondering if I unfollowed you on Instagram, don’t worry. I only deleted my account. Not saying that you would notice or even care or anything like that. But maybe you are wondering why I deleted it. It is a valid question, especially since Instagram is increasingly popular in today’s society. I had a few people ask my why I deleted my insta and most of the time my response is simply that I didn’t like it. There are a lot of reasons why I don’t like it and why I am happy that I no longer use it.

The biggest reason why I hate Instagram is that I spend too much time on it. I would find myself wasting way too much time in a day looking at stupid pictures that I didn’t even like. Well, you might say, why not just delete the app? I tried that and I still checked Instagram from my computer. The only way to stop wasting my time on that thing was to delete my account altogether. Now I have more time to waste on Facebook and Snapchat (currently working on using those less too).

Instagram is also annoying. I found myself going to places and needing to take a million pictures just to find the right one to post on the gram. That was time that I could have spent doing more interesting things. This is especially true when traveling. If you are in a new place for only a couple of days, why waste a significant amount of time taking pictures and then getting stressed out about posting that picture? The whole thing is more grief than it is worth, so it had to go.

The last thing I will talk about and perhaps the most important reason why Instagram is the flaming garbage fire is that it is so toxic. Without even realizing it, just scrolling on my feed made me feel bad about myself. If my picture did not get a lot of likes I would wonder why. I got annoyed when people unfollowed me. Things suddenly became a competition. It was just too much.

So I decided to take a break by deleting my account. I thought it would only last a week or two but I have not used it since the summer (with the exception of a very brief relapse). I’m not saying I will never use instagram again, but I definitely need a good extended break from it and a new mindset.


Sorry if I miss your post.