What Makes a Woman a Woman

Girls just wanna have fun...damental rights. So, why is it so hard for others to see that? While many people who identify as women may feel discouraged at the current state of the world, it’s our time to band together and challenge the status-quo. In honor of Women’s History Month coming up in March and Love Your Body Week, HC writers share what truly makes a woman a woman (spoiler alert: there’s a lot more to us than make-up and frilly things).



Like all humans, we should be able to stand up and be our authentic selves -- personality included! We can range from sensitive to fierce to outgoing to shy all at the same time. Often we are told what society would like to see in us is how we should be. But where is the fun in that? We as females can’t be afraid to be ourselves; we are strong people who are capable of doing so much. Personality isn’t just about gender, it is about what you bring from the inside that can shine on the outside as well.


We live in a man’s world, and yes, it’s true, we cannot just avoid this fact. However, we as women have so much power that we don’t realize we already have. A woman has the power to speak her mind and feel how she would like to feel. We know how to tell it like it is! While we still have a lot of progress to make, women like the suffragettes of the 1800’s and the activists of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s we are able to be independent people. Women don’t just belong in the kitchen, we can take positions of high power like having seats in the House and Senate and becoming CEOs of top companies. Women are capable of running the world, just take Beyoncé’s advice. So, don’t be afraid to take your power and run with it, because you can do so much that the world doesn't think it's ready for yet.


Hear us roar! Millions of women gathered at various Women’s Marches across the United States in late January to fight for women’s rights. Missed out? There are so many more ways to speak up! Did you know that the first female athletic honor society was formed this year on Dickinson’s campus? The Heras are a group of eight female-identifying athletes who have sponsored events on campus and in the community, such as National Girls and Women in Sports Day earlier this month. We can’t wait to see what this organization does for the campus climate.


While there’s still progress to make, women have become increasingly more able to express themselves as of lately. Most of us grew up with the notion that pink is feminine. However, our generation will be the one to prove that it’s okay for those who identity as women to step out of this box and express themselves as who they truly are. Women should be allowed to dress as they please, whether that’s in the form of a dress or a pantsuit.

The world’s most famous women are using these characteristics to break the glass ceiling everyday. Women from Ellen to Laverne Cox to Michelle Obama are making examples of how women change the world. Let’s never forget how much we as women can do!