Travel Tips for Summer

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Summer is fast approaching and many collegiettes are getting ready to travel. Before you leave to go on your summer adventures, make sure you follow some travel tips so your trip runs smoothly:


Pack Travel Size Toiletries


Save room in your luggage and avoid having your toiletries thrown out by the TSA by packing travel size toiletries. Make sure you don’t forget to pack your Secret deodorant and cleansing wipes and wash from Summer’s Eve so you can stay fresh no matter where you go this summer!


Pack Light


Fewer and fewer airlines allow free checked baggage these days. Save some money by packing light! This can be accomplished by planning your outfits for each day of the trip and only packing the essentials. Consider leave the stilettos and formal dresses at home. One thing that is always an essential are good brows. Essence Cosmetics’ Eyebrow Designer will keep your brows on fleek all summer long!


Don’t forget a good book!


Whether you have a long flight ahead of you or are planning on just relaxing at the beach, a good book is key. Her Campus recommends White Fur,  a novel by Jardine Libaire. It follows a couple in NYC during the 80s.


Keep your toothbrush clean!


There’s nothing more important than your toothbrush, but sometimes traveling can make it nasty. It’s important to keep your toothbrush clean in order to protect your dental hygiene. Steripod is the best tool to make sure that your toothbrush stays clean and fresh in transit. 


Don’t Forget your passport and visas!


Make sure you have all the necessary Visas and paperwork needed to enter the country you are traveling to. This is essential. Also, if you're going on an international adventure, make sure that you have your passport before heading to the airport!