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Saturday Night As told by Back to the Future

It’s finally the weekend and you are way too excited about it. 

You are ready to hang out with friends and have a fun time.

So you round up your friends and try to get everyone together to do something. 

And you guys all get mentally and physically prepared to go out.

​’Finally you make it out to a party.

And you’re having a fab time.

Until you realize that your friend should probably go home…

So you try to round them up to get them home okay.

And then because you are starving (and the quarry is no longer a good option) you go home and make yourself some pizza rolls. 

Finally you pass out on your nice comfy bed. And it is glorious.

Sometimes though, you wake up the next morning full of confusion about what happened the night before, and have to piece it all together.

For some reason it wasn’t as fun a night as you thought it would be. And so you tell yourself next weekend might be better.

Isabel Figueroa

Dickinson '19

Isabel is a Senior at Dickinson College. She loves finding humor in humanity, old treasures in antique stores, and new ways to eat almond butter.
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