Most Ridiculous Halloween Costumes of Yandy

It’s that time of year again! Chill breezes, orange leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and… sexy nun costumes? released their selection of 2017’s sexiest costumes for Halloween and we are here to give you the most ridiculous ones!


  1. Sexy Pregnant Kylie Jenner


It’s like the world went berserk when everyone found out Kylie Jenner is pregnant and Yandy was quick to profit off of the news. Have you ever wanted to be like everyone’s favorite reality star? Here’s your chance to put on your favorite Kylie lip kit and head out as the starlet with the bun in the oven!


2) Sexy Donald Trump


Even before the 45th president was inaugurated, Donald Trump has become the topic of news and memes alike, so it’s no surprise that Yandy got their hands on this one. Here’s your chance to throw on the “Donna T. Rumpshaker” costume and try your best at making Donald Trump into a sex icon that everyone should love!

3) Sexy fake news

If you’re not feeling like taking on the role of Leader of America, you can be his most famous sidekick, Fake News! We, here at HC Dickinson found this one surprising because how could someone make fake news look sexy? Well, here’s your chance to prove us wrong!

4) Sexy School girl

Ah yes, the dreaded uniform from my elementary school days… turned sexy? Every pornographic fantasy comes to life when you wear this costume! So it’s a perfect mix of nostalgic and flirtatious! Who wouldn’t want this win-win for Halloween?

5) Sexy Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was a hit blockbuster this summer and if you’re looking to become the Amazonian for All Hallows’ Eve, here’s the costume on Yandy for you! Your mother may ask you to put on a sweater or maybe a shirt and pants, but when you have to look sexy, less is more, you know?

6) Sexy Soldier

ATTEN-TION! Here’s a way to honor America’s heroes by donning camouflage for a night! Only difference is, it may not hide your skin as much, but you’ll look tough doing it!

I agree trying to look your cutest on Halloween can be fun, however, going these lengths to look sexy is a problem. These costumes are the reason why I neither dress up or make my own costume. It does not make sense as to why we have to have these costumes as the option for women and the most conservative costumes often offered to men. I would love to have the option to have fun on Halloween without needing to bring an extra jacket to shield my skimpy costume from the cold. Collegiates, be who or whatever you want to be for Halloween, just don’t let societal standards determine how you should wear your costume. Be comfortable with yourself and have fun this Halloween!