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It’s Galentine’s Day!!! Aka the best holiday ever. Galentine’s Day was first introduced through the show Parks and Rec. Leslie Knope, played by the ridiculously talented Amy Poehler, presented the idea of celebrating one’s female friendships the day before Valentine’s Day. 



I love this holiday because I love the show, but also because it reminds me of the wonderful people in my life. It’s always important to take a moment to be thankful for the people you spend time with and Galentine’s Day is the perfect day to do so. There are many, many people I could list thanking them for various reasons, but that would take too long. So instead, here are some moments from the past month that I’ve shared with them that I will always appreciate. 


1. Going to Primark for the first time since I was abroad

This is definitely a silly moment, but my best friend and I went shopping so she could get clothes before she went abroad. Little did I know that her mall had a Primark, which was a store I only became familiar with when I was in England. Seeing the sign for the store was exciting because it made me feel like I was back abroad. More importantly though, I got to spend an entire day hanging out with my best friend before she left for Spain. (Emily, please come back soon!! And also bring me some patatas bravas when you do)


2. Having a cathartic group scream

I live with four other seniors and this semester is stressful. Between our four senior theses and five job hunts plus responsibilities from classes and clubs, life can be overwhelming. That’s why we like to have group screams where we can release all of our stress for a few seconds. It’s a little ridiculous at first, but we always end up laughing as soon as we’re done. There are plenty of other moments with my roommates that I could pick, but we just happened to have a group scream while I was writing this article. 


3. Listening to Maggie Rogers’ new album

I discovered Maggie Rogers’ music through SNL last fall when she was a musical guest. Cut to this semester when her debut album came out. I posted about the album on my Instagram story and so many of my friends messaged me about it because they also love her. It was nice getting to connect with some friends who live far away and remembering that even across all this distance, we can still find moments to share together. 


4. Bid day

I’m in a sorority and this semester I had my last recruitment season. It was definitely sad knowing I won’t go through this process again, but the week culminated in one of my favorite memories so far this semester, bid day! Bid day was so much fun, getting to dance around with my sisters and take cute pictures. It was also special getting new members and seeing their excitement made me really appreciative of my sorority. I’ve met so many wonderful women through this organization and I will always love this day. 


There are so many more memories I could talk about but that would go on for forever. So instead I’ll leave you with this: Take a moment and thank your friends today. Tell them why you’re grateful to have them in your life because I know I don’t say it enough. Happy Galentine’s Day!! 

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Alexandra Loh

Dickinson '19

Alex is a senior English major at Dickinson College. Alex enjoys traveling, cooking, and watching college basketball.
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