A Dickinson Debate: Massey's v. Leo's

There are two popular ice cream places in Carlisle, Massey’s and Leo’s. Ask any Dickinson student and they will have an opinion on which one they prefer (except if you’re like my roommate who doesn’t like ice cream). As the weather gets warmer and I start craving ice cream more, I thought I’d take a moment to address this popular debate. 


Massey’s Frozen Custard

Massey’s does soft serve ice cream really well. They’re known for their variety of toppings and I love being able to mix in things like sprinkles, cookie dough, and candy pieces. A big perk of Massey’s is that they’re closer to campus. For a lot of people, walking that extra two blocks to Leo’s just isn’t worth it. Another perk of Massey’s is being right next to Miseno’s, a popular pizza place. It’s the perfect Friday night when you can get pizza followed by ice cream. But as a downside, Massey’s doesn’t have any indoor seating. 

My recommendation: vanilla soft serve with cookie dough pieces


Leo’s Homemade Ice Cream

While Massey’s does soft serve well, Leo’s is known for their hard ice cream flavors. Although it’s a little farther from campus, Leo’s has a really nice indoor and outdoor seating area. They also sell their ice creams by the pint, which is a great option if you don’t want to go to the store every time you’re craving ice cream. Leo’s also has really unique flavors like cornbread, teaberry, and cinnamon Oreo. 

My recommendation: coffee chocolate chip


Both ice cream places are delicious and I would happily eat at either one. That being said though, my winner is Leo’s!! I just prefer hard ice cream over soft serve. Feel free to try both places and pick your favorite! It’ll be yummy either way!