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DickinSlang: Your Go-to Dickinson Dictionary

As in any place, language can determine whether you are an insider or an outsider. At colleges and universities, vernacular can be so nuanced that it can reveal age, grade year, and in some cases, major. Dickinson is no exception. So if you don’t know these basic top eleven words and phrases, you’re missing out on a rite of passage just as sacred as signing in at convocation.

The Cushies: The lovely couches that are placed right where you walk into the HUB. Could refer to to any part of the general area, specifically near the Britton Plaza entrance.


The Snar: Officially titled, “Union Station,” but the only people who actually call it that are freshmen and prospies. “Snar” is a abbreviation of the former name of Union Station, the “Snack Bar.” Some names stand the test of time.


Mai Bowl: Pronounced, “my” bowl, these are dishes, usually with noodles and food from the wok, that are customized to the student-diner’s preference. Everyone from the classes of 2019 and above fondly recall the days when they were a to-go option in the Snar.


Unicorn: The name for anyone whom you find remotely attractive but

                 a) know that they have absolutely no idea that you exist.

                 b) know that you don’t have a chance in Hell.

Usually in reference to an upperclassman, but not solely contingent on class year.


Pegasus: Should A and B no longer apply to you, then you have an upgraded and far rarer version of the Unicorn: A Pegasus. Not entirely impossible, but the feat is that of legend among friend groups.


146, 133, 508, 204, 381 are not random numbers. That’s all on that. If you still don’t know, ask a friend or upperclassman.  


White House and White Elephant are, like the numbers above, not what they seem to be. Need I say more?


DWalk: Fully titled “Dickinson Walk,” but for everyone trying to figure out what to call the-sidewalk-that-turns-into-a-street-by-the-quads, yes it does have a name. You’ll often find last night’s mistake or someone you’re really trying to avoid here, but you’ll know exactly when to go from peacefully walking to aggressively texting before you’d be forced to awkwardly say hi.


DaWi: Short for Davidson-Wilson. Originally separate dorms in the Quads that merged, like Baird-McClintock, but DaWi ended up with a cool nickname.


Deli Q: For all the late night options (and delivery) you could want for your weekend activities, you have the glorious Deli Q, officially known as the Quick Stop Deli.


Treehouse: Not an actual house in a tree, but a housing option on campus with students living there who are committed to sustainable living. The Treehouse often hosts open mic nights and other cool events. It is located near the train tracks by the Goodyear apartments, if anyone is still looking for a relic of their childhood.


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