College Life as Told by The Bachelor's Corinne

Whether you love her or love to hate her, there’s no denying that Corinne is the reason why you tune into ABC’s Season 21 of The Bachelor every Monday night. Known for her one-liners and need for her nanny, Raquel, Corinne is quite the character. Here are some ways that we feel Corinne perfectly summed up life in college without even trying.


That one person in your Poli Sci class who has opinions.


When you run out of meal swipes and gotta get a meal in somehow.


When your 8 AM is cancelled.


When you see bae talking to another girl in the caf.


Getting a 10 page paper assigned during syllabus week.


Trying to explain to a professor why you fell asleep during a 3 hour lecture.


Dating in college can often go like this.


Finals week.


Keep doing you, Corinne.