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Happy Monday, collegiettes! For many of us at HC Dickinson, Mondays mean The Bachelor, and what better way to prepare for a night of tears and “the right reasons” than by recapping last week’s craziness? Here is our breakdown of last week’s episode in case you missed anything.

The episode picks up with Nick being surprised at Andi’s unexpected visit. The two sit down to talk and Andi tells Nick she’s just here to give some advice. Nick is honest about his reservations and says that he’s not going to get engaged just because he’s The Bachelor. However, Nick does see things working out. Andi brings up the upcoming fantasy suite dates and if Nick will be intimate will all of the women. Andi suggests only doing so as long as he can see a future with that woman. They both wish each other happiness and Nick heads off to his rose ceremony.

Rose Ceremony

Raven, Rachel, Corinne, and Vanessa all stand before Nick, anxious and unsure about where they stand. Nick gives his first rose to Raven. Then, Rachel. With only one rose remaining, Nick calls Vanessa’s name and Corinne starts crying.

Nick walks Corinne out and she apologizes if she did something wrong. Nick reassures her that she didn’t do anything and puts her in the limo.

Fantasy Suite Dates — Lapland, Finland: Raven

Raven and Nick meet for a helicopter ride to see the landscape of Finland. After landing, they head to a local pub to play some darts and talk about what household chores they’re best at. They discuss the fantasy suite and the implications that come with this week’s date. Raven lets the camera know that she is worried about telling Nick she loves him and having sex with him because getting physically and emotionally invested could lead to double the heartbreak if he doesn’t pick her in the end.

That night, Raven and Nick sit down to dinner and Raven discusses her past relationship and how she never said I love you to her ex. She then talks about how different she feels with Nick and finally tells him that she loves him. Nick is very appreciative of Raven being honest and hands her the fantasy suite card. After she accepts, she reminds Nick that she has only been intimate with one other man and that he never made her orgasm. With that confession, they head off to their room and make out as the episode ends.

Final Corinne Quote?

“I’m going to be me, and whatever happens, happens, but I will never kiss up to a man again in my life” -Corinne

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