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Happy Monday, collegiettes! For many of us at HC Dickinson, Mondays mean The Bachelor, and what better way to prepare for a night of tears and “the right reasons” than by recapping last week’s craziness? Here is our breakdown of last week’s episode in case you missed anything.

The episode starts in Bimini, where the four women are wondering what will happen next. Nick comes back with four roses in hand, ready to visit everyone’s hometowns.

Raven: Hoxie, Arkansas

Raven pulls up riding a four-wheeler and whisks Nick away for an adventure. And an adventure it is because as they climb a grain bin, a cop car pulls up. Luckily for Nick, the cop is actually Raven’s brother.

It’s time to meet Raven’s family: her mom Tracy, her dad Wesley and her brother Weston. As they sit down, Raven’s mom announces that Wesley is officially cancer-free (cue happy tears). Raven sits down with her parents and talks about unconditional love, something she sees possible with Nick. Nick sits down with Raven’s dad to ask for his blessing, and he obliges. At the end of the night, Raven tries to tell Nick she loves him but can’t, so he drives away.

Rachel: Dallas, Texas

Rachel and Nick meet and head off to Rachel’s church. Church is important to Rachel and she wants to make sure Nick would feel comfortable in her predominantly black congregation. Nick feels comfortable with Rachel and the day is off to a good start. They sit and talk about interracial relationships and discuss how they both see each other beyond the surface level.

It’s time to meet Rachel’s family: her mom Kathy, her sisters Heather and Constance, her cousin, her brother-in-law and her niece. Rachel’s mother talks to Nick about dating a black woman and if Nick can handle society’s perception of them. Rachel talks with her mother, who says that Nick reminds her of Rachel’s father. They end the night and Rachel admits to the camera that she’s falling in love.

Corinne: Miami, Florida

Corinne and Nick meet for some shopping and Corinne has fun picking out outfits for Nick. She also has no problem spending a small fortune ($3,423). Before meeting her parents, Corinne lets Nick know that she loves him. She thinks he feels the same way but isn’t 100% sure.

It’s then time to meet Corinne’s family: her mom Peri, her dad Jim, her sister Taylor and of course, her nanny Raquel. Corinne and her father talk and Corinne lets him know that Nick sees her for who she truly is. Nick sits and talks with Raquel, who makes sure Nick has the right intentions with Corinne. Nick and Corinne’s dad talk and Corinne’s dad gives Nick his blessing.

Vanessa: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Vanessa takes Nick to meet some of her students and gets them to help her and Nick put create a scrapbook of their memories together. Then it’s time to meet the family and Nick has two visits since Vanessa’s parents are divorced.

First, Vanessa’s mom’s family: her mom Mary, her sister Melissa, her grandparents and a lot of other people. Nick talks with Vanessa’s sister who is worried that Nick and Vanessa haven’t talked about serious topics yet, like where they would live post-Bachelor. Vanessa talks with her brother, her sister and her mom, who are all concerned about Vanessa getting hurt.

Then, it’s time to meet Vanessa’s dad Pat and stepmom. Nick and Vanessa’s dad have a conversation and when Nick initially asks for his blessing, her dad is not able to give it. After being honest and open, Vanessa’s dad changes his mind. Vanessa talks with her dad and is upset to find out that Nick asked for blessings from the other three women’s fathers.

Rose Ceremony

The rose ceremony takes place in New York. As Nick is getting ready for the ceremony, he receives a knock on the door, and it’s Andi, former Bachelorette and the woman who broke his heart. The ‘to be continued’ appears on the screen and we’re left waiting for next week’s episode.

Best Dad Quote of the Night?

“I think Corinne is the lid to Nick’s pot.” –Jim, Corinne’s dad

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