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The Bachelor Recap: Week 5

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Dickinson chapter.

Happy Monday, collegiettes! For many of us at HC Dickinson, Mondays mean The Bachelor, and what better way to prepare for a night of tears and “the right reasons” than by recapping last week’s craziness! Here is our breakdown of last week’s episode in case you missed anything.



The Rose Ceremony

We start with last week’s rose ceremony, where Corinne and Taylor continue their fight about emotional intelligence and maturity. Unsurprisingly, both girls think the other “is not there for the right reasons.”

Fast-forward to the rose ceremony and Nick has 13 roses to give out to 15 women. Sadly, tonight is the end of the line for Astrid and Sarah (don’t worry Sarah, you’re not a runner up in our book).

Now down to New Orleans where Nick has three dates.

One-on-one: Rachel

Rachel and Nick explore the French Market before heading to Café Du Monde, where Nick tries beignets for the first time and gets powdered sugar everywhere (pause while I look up how long it takes to get to New Orleans, because now I want a beignet). They then join a second line, a band that goes throughout the streets to celebrate an occasion, and in this case that occasion is Nick and Rachel.

Over dinner that night, Rachel talks about how the last time she was in New Orleans, it was for a funeral and how she came away from it wanting to live life to the fullest. The two talk about family and Nick’s insecurities about asking someone’s father for permission to marry their daughter. Nick then proceeds to tell Rachel that he’s “super into [her] and doesn’t think about other girls when he’s with her,” so it’s no surprise when Rachel gets the rose at the end of the date.

Group date: Josephine, Kristina, Alexis, Raven, Jaimi, Vanessa, Danielle M., Whitney, Jasmine, and Danielle L.

The girls arrive for the group date at the Houmas House, a haunted house. They take a tour and talk about the ghosts that haunt the house, one of who is a little girl looking for her doll. While playing an Ouija board, the lights go out and chandeliers fall. Ghosts aside, we get our first ‘I love you’ of the season from Raven, except it was by accident. Doesn’t matter either way, since the group date rose goes to Danielle M.

Two-on-one: Corinne and Taylor

This date starts in the bayou and Nick, Corinne, and Taylor head down the river before meeting with a voodoo priestess, who encourages them to have a tarot card reading done. It’s not a surprise that Taylor’s reading mentions a person in her life who is bringing negativity, all while Corinne is complaining to Nick about her. On the flip side, Corinne ends her reading by asking for a voodoo doll. It seems like the voodoo doll works, since Nick gives the rose Corinne and the two of them walk off and leave Taylor sitting by herself in the woods.

Just when you thought the drama had finally ended, Taylor decides to crash Nick and Corinne’s dinner date, and we are left with a ‘To Be Continued’ screen.

Funniest quote of the night?

“I kissed Nicholas Cage anyway.” – Alexis

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