Why YouTube Studio Is A Necessary App For YouTubers

A popular application that is used by millions is YouTube, but for creators there is another application that helps with the behind the scenes.  YouTube Studio is identical to Beta Studio in which you access to edit your video, view analytics, and add end cards too.  As a youtuber, I do not pay attention to the analytics, but I do like to have easy access to comments and seeing which of my videos are popular.  Therefore, I know what kinds of videos to make, since my genre is lifestyle and just about anything can be posted.  What are some other perks to this application, that I have not mentioned?

You can upload a video from your laptop and edit the settings from your phone application.  This is very useful when your on the road, in class, or nowhere near your laptop.  Plus if you have an iPhone, you can upload the video after editing it in iMovie and afterwards add all its information in the YouTube Studio application.  This situation was essential when my laptop decided to stop working and I went without it for a month.  This was my solution, upload and edit through iMovie then edit the settings in the studio, after a few weeks of not uploading anything.  I was getting a couple messages about upcoming videos and I needed to find a solution quick and there it was!

In the analytics section, there are many functions such as an overview (summary) of everything, revenue, discovery, audience, interactive content, and playlists.  Now for a basic and short summary of each function, beginning with revenue.  Revenue is the money you make, once you have enough public hours watched and subscribers for monetization.  This is also where you can look at realtime views, watch time, views, average view duration, your estimated revenue, subscribers, watch time from subscribers, likes versus dislikes, and top videos.  In discovery you can find anything from traffic source types to top YouTube search terms.  Audience is about your viewers demographics, unlike interactive content that consists of end cards and annotation clicks. The last function is playlists where you can see how many times your playlists are viewed, the top playlist, and the average time.

Some of the other sections are viewing your videos, you can also see the specific analytics to each video too.  The same goes for playlists too, the last section is comments!  You can view, reply, like a comment, and check off if there are spam ones too.  It is amazing what this application does for Youtubers and creators, it makes their lives a little bit more convenient.  The best part is, there is a button where you can link automatically back to the original YouTube application when your press it.