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Why Would Future Ever Bless Us So

Just when we thought Future couldn’t get any better, he goes and drops TWO albums back to back of one another. The first entitled Future while the second album is titled Hndrxx. If you’re a heavy Future fan and listener, you’d see the joke as Future’s albums are his name “Future Hendrix” in which he goes by from time to time.

    The first album, Future, is more the classic Future we all know and love. The music you listen to that will get you pumped up to go out and enjoy a night out with your friends. Songs such as ‘Draco’ one of the club banger on the album, makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Future did mix it up with songs like ‘Mask Off’ and ‘Outta Time’ which he raps over smooth tempo melodies and hypnotizes listeners.

    The second album, Hndrxx is more dedicated to the women in which he gives us something that we can listen to EVERYDAY! YES EVERYDAY! You guys know how long I’ve waited for a Future album I can listen to. The album having features from The Weeknd and Rihanna in songs, ‘Comin’ Out Strong’ and ‘Selfish’ the album has become an instant classic amongst his female listeners. Also songs such as ‘Fresh Air’ also put you in a good mood to just enjoy the day ahead of you regardless of what the weather was.

    Future has shown us that he has to ability to become a more dynamic artist crossing into the lanes of pop and I’m not mad at him. MAKE YOUR COINS FUTURE! It’s a word the he’s dropping another album next week. I have NO time to memorize these songs, but I do advise you to give the albums a listen.

Hello! My name is Janae Faison and I am I double major at Delaware State University as a English and Journalism major. DSU Chapter of Her Campus just like the rest of the site is meant to empower all young women who are in college. Enjoy the DSU Chapter of Her Campus!
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