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Trebel: The First Licensed Music Service To Deliver Downloadable Music For Free



  Photo Courtesy of Trebel’s Twitter Account 


Being a college student can be extremely costly in all aspects of life. Whenever something is free college students take advantage of the opportunity. As a college student myself, I can attest to this. Music is a vital part of my everyday life. It helps with my study time, downtime, workouts, and simply just walking around campus to classes. Moreover, music is essential to my lifestyle. Although there are various music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, I  am not a paying subscriber of any of them. However, I do use their free versions which either are only 3-month free trials or subjected to limited features. I eventually became sick of the frequent ads and limited skips per hour on these services. Thus, I was motivated to find a music app that allowed me to listen to, and download music offline without paying monthly. Eventually, I found Trebel. Which is a free music streaming app whose mission as per their website is, “to enable young people everywhere to enjoy on-demand music and other media in a safe and legal environment while delivering fair compensation to the artist community by capturing billions of dollars lost each year to pirate sites and “safe harbor” apps”.


 Photo Courtesy of Trebel’s Website 

To reiterate, Trebel is entirely free, safe, legit, and still gives artists their fair share of compensation. Trebel has an impressive music library with hip-hop artists like DMX, Drake, and Tupac, all the way to fifties artists like Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, and Ella Fitzgerald. Despite having the licenses/rights to certain songs, some are still unavailable for listening. However, Trebel is constantly working to provide listeners with new artists and songs frequently. A tiny catch of the offline streaming feature is that it requires the use of coins, which are earned by watching short ads in the app, downloading songs, or by inviting friends. Once you’re out of coins, you’re limited to online listening only. An offline play for a song uses about 7 credits. Credits can also be purchased through the app. Ultimately, you get to download the songs you want for free, listen to them offline, shuffle play, and unlimited skips. You may not be able to find every song you’re looking for, and yes there are still ads, but for the cost of nothing, you can’t beat it. I’m excited to see Trebel’s evolution throughout the future. 


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