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When I was a child one of the most exciting parts of Halloween, was trick or treating. Aside from dressing up, I liked the aspect of free candy. I always looked forward to obtaining various variates of candy. Here are some of my favorite Halloween Candies;

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


Skittles have always been a staple fruity candy. Original is my favorite; however, I also enjoy the tropical berry and sour flavors. 


Jolly Ranchers

Jolley Ranchers are probably my favorite hard candy. Blue Raspberry is my favorite flavor. 



A crunchy treat for caramel lovers. 



A savory mix of peanuts and chocolate. 


Hershey Chocolate Bar 

For those who enjoy a plain chocolate bar, this is the best option out there. 



 Great candy for peanut butter lovers like myself.



A yummy chocolate wafer candy.


Sour Patch Kids

A great treat that starts off sour then turns sweet. 



Candy with a crunchy hard-shell layer that encases chocolate. 



A chewy fruity candy that melts in one’s mouth.  

I am Kaitlin Robinson a Chemistry major from Washington,DC. I’m fairly new to writing but I hope you enjoy my articles.