Tips to Ace Your Next Job Interview

After sending out what seems to be hundreds of resumes, and cover letters, followed with incessantly checking your emails and sitting by the phone, you finally have a job interview. Now it’s time to really prove that you deserve that job. Interviews are intimidating and scary, and your fears increase when you are placed under the pressure of impressing others. These tips will help you feel cool and confident as you go into your next job interview!

When it comes to interviews, always be prepared. As long as you practice, you shouldn’t get stuck when you are asked to talk about yourself or your goals. Most interviews ask some of the same questions that you should always familiarize yourself with:

  • Tell me about yourself

  • What are some of your weaknesses/strengths?

  • Tell me about your role at your last job/internship?

  • What can you bring to this job?

Being prepared makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed. When it comes to big companies, always do some research about the company’s mission statement and its employees beforehand, because they will ask you why you want to work for them. A response that aligns with their mission statement will show the interviewer that you are truly interested in the company. Another great tip is to smile while answering the questions! A smile shows the interviewer you’re confident. You can always hide your nerves with just a smile.

Towards the end of the interview, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions for them. The answer is yes: yes, you always do. Ask them about how they got to where they are at now, or ask them about past employees they admired and what qualities these employees possessed that made them successful. Asking questions is a great way to show that you are engaged and what to learn more.

Finally, you have shaken the interviewer’s hand and have said your goodbyes. Just remember, though, that it’s not over yet. Make sure that you send a small thank you note as soon as you get home and change out of your uncomfortable interview clothes. Following these instructions will make your next interview a breeze—or at least less traumatic.