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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DESU chapter.

With this being an important election, the notion to get out and vote was heavily pushed. Everyone who is able to vote should have seized the opportunity to do so. I get a feeling that some individuals think that not voting makes them different, unique, unordinary, but it does not make you special. In this election, there were three ways to vote, mail-in, absentee, and in-person ballots. There is no reason for you to have not made an attempt to go cast your vote. 

Every vote COUNTS especially in the battleground states that can flip between parties depending on the election cycle. We wait 18 years for the ability to vote, to waste that opportunity is outrageous. Across social media here are some reasons I have seen and heard:

“I don’t like either candidate.”

Just because you don’t support the candidates does not mean you should not vote. Simply compromise and choose one that you feel you would be ok with.

“My vote doesn’t matter.”

In the election cycle, there are some states that always give their electoral votes to a specific party. Just because this happens does not mean that your vote does not matter as states can flip.

“You want to end friendships because I didn’t vote.”

People seem to be irked by the fact that certain individuals are willing to end friendships over the act of not voting. People have a right to choose who they want to be surrounded by.

I am Kaitlin Robinson a Chemistry major from Washington,DC. I’m fairly new to writing but I hope you enjoy my articles.