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Student Spotlight : Blaise Dandridge

My name is Blaise Dandridge and I attend The Delaware STATE University (DSU). I am a Mass Communications Major with a concentration in Broadcast Production. I will be graduating in December of 2017. I am originally from Woodbridge, VA, and was raised in Ewing, NJ.  I am a lover of music, performing, fashion, makeup, food, and traveling.  Though these things are passions of mine, writing and performing have always been my true passions. I am a soldier and will push through with humility, style, grace, and a hint of spice to the road of success. During my journey as a Hornet at DSU, I have rekindled my love of writing and published my own website which hosts my personal blog, The Red Room.  The Red Room is a place where there’s honestly, inspiration and entertainment.  I identify with my readers as pyronamics because the link to my website is entitled, “www.mynameisntblaze.com,” and I joke with them that they have an obsession with fire because they pronounce my name the way that blaze is spelled.  My pyronamics know me as Miss Dandridge (MD) or some women might know me as The Red Queen which my future pyronamics will have to read about on my blog to find out why.  Miss Dandridge is the voice of present-life topics.  MD says what other people are thinking but are too afraid to say, The Red Room has no filter what-so-ever and that is what makes it unique.


Her posts are about the struggles and thoughts that many African Americans, young women/adults, black men face; it also features music, sexual harassment advice, and life advice.


The Red Room is necessary because of the influence that social media has on the generation.  It is relatable because she tells a story that not only she can relate to but others can also reflect on.  My pyronamics step into my Red Room and are taken on an imaginative fantasy by my play on words and relating to the experiences of the everyday person.  


“She seduces minds with the mystery of who Miss Dandridge really is.”


Raised in Queens, with a major in Mass Communication and a love for writing. Graduating in 2018 in hopes of working in Television production. I love reading novels, blogs and magazine articles. I'm completed addicted to TV Shows and my ultimate goal is to always have fun.
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