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Now that October is here, I am back to being on edge because I hate being scared. I love the taught of horror movies, but I only watch the movies that I have already seen. I have not watched any new horror movies, the only movies I watch are Chucky movies, scary movies 1-4, and I only watch them because they are more funny than scary. I also watch the movies that play on the Disney channel. The one year I had a friend convince me to go to a hunted trail, it was the worst experience of my life and I vowed to never go back, it has been four years. The moral of this story is that I hate to be scared.

Hi, my name is Jamila Seidu and I am currently a student at Delaware State University and I am a kinesiology major. I love everything art and I'm not afraid to try something new, so here I am. I hope you enjoy.
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