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Saving Money in College



Saving money is important. Between buying books, food, and the things we enjoy like clothing it can seem impossible. While it may seem impossible, it’s very possible. Here’s 10 easy ways for you to save your money so you’re not the broke college student.


  1. Wait to buy your books

This may sound ridiculous but I’ll explain. A lot of teachers don’t require you to buy a book. It may say you need a book for a class online but wait until the semester starts to see if you really need that book.

  1. Don’t buy new or from the bookstore

This tip is probably obvious but many forget. School bookstores can and will rip you off for your books because they know you need them. Newer copies of a book can also cost more too. So, buy used, and possibly borrow from a friend, and online if you can. Chegg is an awesome website that will even send you samples and coupons with your books.

  1. Student discounts anyone?


There are tons of companies that will offer you a student discount. These discounts range from food to clothing and even electronics. They know how important it is for us to save. Don’t forget to bring your student id with you when you go to eat to see if they offer a discount. Heads up: pie five across the street from campus offers discounts to all Delaware State students so make sure you bring your id with you when you go.

  1. Buy in bulk

Sam’s club, BJs, etc. will be your best friend. You can get a large quantity of products for a reasonable price. It also will last longer so you won’t have to constantly buy products.

  1. If you’re going to get a credit card, get a student one

Credit cards can cause problems. However, many companies, like Discover, offer student credit cards. The interest rates are lower and you’ll even get money back when you maintain certain grades or a certain gpa.

  1. Limit eating out

Yes, this means you may have to eat on campus occasionally but in the long run it’ll be worth it. Just think of all the makeup products you could buy from saving that money. Fenty beauty anyone?

  1. Sell those textbooks

If you must buy a book make sure you keep it and keep it in good condition. Tons of companies will pay you for that book. It may not be what you paid for it but something is better than nothing right?

  1. Get a roommate

If you decide to live off campus, you should consider a roommate. A roommate will help to lighten the burden. You could even split the cost of groceries and bills.

  1. Don’t take more out on that loan then needed

This may not matter right now but in the near future, it’ll help that you didn’t borrow that extra four grand.

  1. Use apps

There’s tons of money savings app in your phone’s app store. Be sure to download one and when you’re going out track your expenses so you know how much you are truly spending. My favorite one is Qapital. It’s a money saving app that’s geared towards those things you want to save for like a nice vacation, new car, etc. It lets you set the goal and time frame and helps you to save along the way. You’ll forget you’re even saving.

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