“Pretty Basic” Podcast

I was introduced to podcasts last summer, when I used to drive long hours to and from events for my job.  I was driving alone and always listening to music, but it wasn’t cutting it.  So my boss told me to look at Spotify and choose a podcast, I randomly chose one.  Maybe it wasn’t the best one, it was called “Gummy Bears,” I assumed it was about the candy...it was not...it was about breast implants and many other topics.  After that embarrassing moment, but she was a cool boss so it was a humorous memory.  I decided to just research and find a podcast on my own until I choose another one to listen to with my boss.  


So after reading a ton of descriptions on Spotify, I finally decided on one called “Pretty Basic.”  Little did I know that the two women who have this podcast were two YouTubers that I follow.  “Pretty Basic” was created by Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz who are twenty something year old who are friends and digital creators.  The two talk about a variety of topics from lifestyle to “spilling the tea.”  While they both talk about topics of similar interest, they each have their own journey that they connect with to the audience.  Remi Cruz typically talks about her health and fitness journey, while Alisha Marie talks about how she's a  workaholic.  They also talk about their experiences as YouTubers and Influencers, fitness and health, friendship, relationships, being single, products, sponsorships, they play a game, and just talk about their lives.  They are best friends and the entire podcast us lifestyle, it's not for everyone but once you listen to it you will become addicted.  “Pretty Basic” episodes are posted every Wednesday and they always say “Content, Baby, Content.”