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The Perks of Contentment

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life is that it’s wiser to spend your life searching for contentment rather than happiness from materialistic things. Constantly seeking happiness from materialistic things can lead you to the wrong places. Furthermore, it can pull you into a life full of envy, unhappiness, and frustration. It’s extremely easy to become infatuated with the feeling of always wanting more than what you already have. It is completely fine to have a sense of drive and aspiration; however, not knowing how to savor what you already have can lead to a materialistic lifestyle. Learning how to be content can change your life. Content people are not complacent. I think of myself as a content person. I have the drive to achieve many goals in life, and while I still have that strong drive I am extremely appreciative of what I already have. 


Just a girl from the Garden State currently attending Delaware State University studying mass communications. Lover of acting, writing, music, food, sports, coffee, and good vibes.
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