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One of my all-time favorites shows to watch on Netflix is glee. Glee is the one show that I can continuously watch and not get bored. This year I have watched all six seasons of Glee three times. When Glee first came out I did not watch it, I did not even know about it. The first episode I remember watching was the season 2 final when they went to New York for Nationals. Once I watched that episode I was so in love with the show, that I went on Youtube and watched the different musical numbers. When I watched the Push-it number I was hooked. It was so unbelievably funny that I had to watch the show from the beginning, but since I didn’t know where I just continued with season 3, then later into season 4. Once season 4 was over I finally got Netflix and I finally had the chance to watch season the series in its entirety. Glee, since I started watching, has been my favorite shows, I love the characters and the situations they find themselves in and I also just love how relatable Glee is.